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2-timed at the Convo

Those sneaky Bowling Green Falcons.  They came in to our house yesterday and stole wins from both our Men's and Women's basketball teams.  76-70 and 69-61 were the scores we didn't want to see.

The Lady Huskies

I don't think I've ever been to a Women's game before the excellent opportunity was presented today with the doubleheader.

First of all, throughout the game Saturday afternoon I noticed two things about the Lady Falcons of the now 18-3 Bowling Green.

1. They were tan.  Seriously.  Does their team-bonding exercise take place in tanning beds?  I was a fan though.

2. They shot lights-out from 3.  On the heels of G Tracy Pontius, who went 5 of 7 from the arc and finished the night with 31 points.  They finished going 12 of 23 from beyond the three line.

The game really went down to the wire, as it extended to overtime with the score 63-all.  There were some questionable fouls and a couple late turnovers when BG was pressuring us on the pass-ins. Jesse Wilcox lead all scorers with 19 and Ebony Ellis scored 14 while grabbing 12 boards.

Despite the loss, it was an excellent taste of experience for our women's team.  We have confidence now that we can hang with the best team in the MAC and should bode well come post-season MAC play.

I don't know exactly how to approach the men's game other than pointing out that our best player in Jake Anderson wasn't even suited up.  Both our leading scorer and Jeremy Landers sat right behind the bench during game time, dressed in street clothes.

Men's Players

G Mike Dinunno was his usual do-it-all self Saturday, scoring 15 with 5 dishes.  Due to the fact that Anderson was out for this game, I think that Mike D overcompensated himself a little bit.  It seemed like half of the shots he put up (5-15, 1-6 from 3) were complete airballs.  Dinunno redeemed himself at the FT line, going 4 for 4 as he is our leader from the line.

F Lee Fisher continues to be a huge spark off of the bench.  In 23 minutes, he grabbed 8 boards, scored 9 and stole the ball twice.  I could only wish that more players had the intensity of the scrappiest player on the team.

F Tyler Storm got his first start of the season, but managed to hit only one 3pt FG for the day.  He looked a little bit lost, turned the ball over 3 times and got in to foul trouble late.  I don't understand exactly why it's taking  him so long to develop, I really don't.  He's got a sweet shot and I think he's just lacking some confidence.

Sean Kowal/Ante Dzepina accounted for 20 points between both players.  Could have used more points and more rebounds when it counted.  Oh, and Ante has an amazing baby hook shot.


The game was close and we fought hard, but still got dominated in most phases of the game.  Both teams shot around 46%, but BGSU shot better from beyond the arc, at the charity stripe and had dominated the boards more.

Even though we turned the ball over 13 times to BG's 19, it seemed like a lot of our TO's were pretty dumb.  That number needed to be even more lower if we wanted to win this game.

Free Throw Watch: 35.7% for this game, dropping us below Grambling for 3rd from last in the nation.  Sean Kowal, Ante Dzepina and Tyler Storm were all O-fers.  Sure, we probably needed to get to the line more in this game but were we even going to make the FTs if we did?

The surprisingly large attendance of 3,215 got to see a great effort from a team that was definitely over their heads with their best player sitting in the stands.  As for the suspension of Jake & Jeremy, nobody knows details...yet other than it was just a violation of team rules.