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NIU Baseball on tap this weekend

Yesterday the team endured a 23-7 drubbing by the Oregon State Beavers at the DeMarini Invitational in Tempe, AZ.

Up next is top-10 ranked Arizona State tonight at 7:30 PM

Saturday we play Missouri at 2 PM.  And hey, there's only 28 days in February.  That means we take on Oregon State AGAIN on Sunday, March 1st at 11 AM.

Oregon State is a recent WS Champ.  Both the Beavers and the Tigers are fringe Top-25 teams at this point in the season.  Definitely a step above from our cold-weather young team right now.  Can we beat anybody in the next 3 days?  Hey, anything is possible.

Enemy Blogs

Building the Dam (OSU)

House of Sparky (ASU)

Rock M Nation (Mizzou)

Go Huskies!

[Note by Mad.Mike, 02/27/09 8:07 PM CST ]

Here is the gametracker for the NIU @ ASU game that just started (0-0 top of the 3nd)

Also, make sure to check out all weekend for scores and gametrackers.