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Bustin' Brackets with SEMO

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ESPN recently announced their BracketBuster field and needless I'm not enthused, but not surprised either.

Who: The Southeast Missouri Redhawks

Conference/Record: Ohio Valley Conference (3-20, 0-12)

When: Saturday, February 21st at 7:45

Where: The Show Me Center (didn't make that up) in Cape Girardeau, MO

Why: Because we both are awful teams in awful conferences.

Connections: We both beat Western illinois (suck it, Macomb) and lost to Tennessee St (also in the OVC)

Suspension news: None, except the NStar says no legal or academic trouble from each of the players.  What then?

[Note by Mad.Mike, 02/03/09 2:01 PM CST ] Anderson and Landers are back in practice and will play Thursday @ Ohio

I'd rather watch: Buffalo (14-5) @ Vermont (16-6)

Miami OH (12-7) @ Evansville (14-7) is the other game to be televised on an ESPN network.