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Signing Day Pics and Notes

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  • Wisconsin's Leader-Telegram announced that DT commit Zach Anderson received late offers from Indiana and Iowa State, but chose to stay with the Huskies.

"They really wanted me right from the beginning," Anderson said. "I'll never forget that. I'll never let them down."

Anderson also received offers from Ball State, Western Michigan and East Carolina.

  • confirms that Lineman Jon Phillips of Dixon is in fact a preferred walk-on.

"It's basically the same process without the money," Phillips said of walking on. "You go through the official visits, you sign a letter of intent, you're a part of the team. You just don't get the cash for your education."

"That means I'm not just cannon fodder," Phillips said. "It's not a scholarship, but it's not just automatically being thrown on the practice squad or special teams. The coaches know who I am; it's not like I just showed up a practice one day and said, 'I want to join the team.' "


The first Wednesday in February is an exciting time for the athlete, their family, coaches and their administration.  Here are just a couple pictures of these special athletes at their signing ceremonies at their respective schools:


MICHAEL SCHMIDT ? MSCHMIDT@SCN1.COM Anthony Wells wears an NIU hat as the North Chicago High senior signs a letter of intent to play football at Northern Illinois University. The defensive end is flanked by his parents, Pamela and Anthony. At far right is his Warhawk football coach Darrell King.  Link



Billy Calzada/Express-News
The twin receiving stars of Warren High School, Martel Moore, left, and Anthony Johnson signed letters to play college football at Northern Illinois. via


Billy Calzada/Express-News
Tarrin Lee, left, Victor Castro, Calvin Howell, Martel Moore and Anthony Johnson don shirts representing the colleges where they will play college football this fall season. via