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2009 MAC Recruit All-Name Team

Was thinking about doing this, until CFN blatantly ripped off my ideas telepathically.  Anyways, here are some of the scraps that CFN missed (or were afraid to touch).  And well,'s not too much of a team as it's missing a couple positions.  But who's counting?  I posted whoever had their pictures up on rivals as well.  Got any more?


QB - Tyler Van Tubbergen, Western Michigan

QB - Devontae Payne, Eastern Michigan


RB - Blaze Caponegro, Temple (He's destined for the New American Gladiators)

RB - Ali Alaboody, Bowling Green

RB - Zane Fakes, Ball State

WR - Luke Swift, Miami OH


WR - Ansel Ponder, Western Michigan


WR - Tronic Williams, Western Michigan


TE - Dallas Walker, Western Michigan


OL - Ben Samson, Central Michigan

OL - Charvo Lampton, Northern Illinois

LB - Nate Paopao, Eastern Michigan

DL - Justice Akuezue, Central Michigan

DL - Aaron Hush, Temple

DL - Ethan Buckles, Ball State

DB - Diamond Weaver, Akron

DB - Bunduka Kargbo, Buffalo