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The "Best of Dekalb" 2009

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I put that in quotations for a reason.  Much to be debated here.  I couldn't find a digital version of this list, so I'm copying from the print BOD 2009.  The voting includes (easily hacked) online voting, plus an option to cut out a portion of the Northern Star and send it in for a vote...let the madness begin.  The number of people that voted is unknown as well.  Original print date: 2/26/09.

I'm hungry so let's start out with the food portion of this survey:

Best Asian cuisine
1. Great Wall
2. Panda Express
3. China House Buffet

My thoughts: Great Wall won this because it's closest to the dorms and the only Chinese food on campus.  It's pretty good actually.  I prefer China House and their massive amounts of different kinds of food available in their buffet.  Panda Express is just too Americanized in my opinion.

Best bakery
1. Bakers square
2. Sweet Dreams Desserts
3. Panera Bread

Yeah well you see...Baker's Square isn't open any more in Dekalb.  So much for that.  I've never been to Panera for dessert, but Sweet Dreams Desserts looks amazing.

Best Mexican cuisine
1. Chipotle
2. Eduardo's Mexican Restaurant
3. Burritoville

Chipotle is a viable choice for #1 here, because there aren't too many great local establishments for Mexican food here in Dekalb.  Eduardo's is great and people should also try Los Rancheros, which is located by Wal-Mart.  Can't even believe Burritoville is on this list (gag, BARF!).

Best breakfast
1. Egg Haven
2. Junction Eating Place
3. McDonald's

All three of these places are GREAT for breakfast.  Just went to Egg Haven last weekend and it must have been one of the better breakfasts I've ever eaten.

Best date restaurant
1. Johnny's Charhouse
2. Filo Spinatos
3. Applebee's

In Dekalb, if you can find a place that isn't a fast-food restaurant to go on a date, then you're in.  All three of these places are great, but Johnny's can be a bit pricey.


Best burger
1. Fatty's Pub & Grille
2. Burger King
3. McDonald's

Fatty's is the undaunted king in this category, as their burgers are to die for.  It's a travesty that Shelly's is not on this list as I believe they have one of the more underrated burgers out there.

Best ice cream
1. Mango's

2. Ollie's
3. Baskin Robbins

Oops, I guess you Mango's lovers didn't put enough money in to their product as they are now out of business.  The shakes there were unbelievable, but the location was unsatisfactory as they couldn't get enough traffic going through there.

Best late-night eatery
1. Lukulos Restaurant
2. Huskie's Pizza
3. Junction Eating Place

All great places.  Prefer Huskie's because it's right next to Starbusters.  But then again, the beer nuggets at Lukulos are to die for.  Definitely a staple of Dekalb.

Best speedy delivery
1. Jimmy John's
2. Lukulos/Pizza Pros
3. Toppers

Jimmy John's?  Good god, they took over an hour to deliver my sandwich the last time I called them.  And I only live a block away.  Any of thos pizza places are open late and will gladly deliver to your drunk ass at 2 AM in the morning.

Best Pizza
1. Huskie's Pizza
2. Pizza Pro's
3. Paglia's Pizza

Meh.  Pizza Pro's and Huskie's are all right, but the real snub here is Vinny's off Lincoln Highway.  Their oversized Hurricane pizzas can barely fit through a doorway.

Best coffee
1. Starbucks
2. Java 101
3. Coffee Corner

Is anyone aware that Coffee Corner serves Starbucks as well?

Night Life:



Best bar
1. Starbusters Bar and Grill
2. Fatty's Pub and Grille
3. Molly's Eatery

Ain't nothing wrong with that.  For all I care Riley's can burn the ground.  And the Bar One/The U/Detox area of Lincoln Highway is cursed.

Best Liquor Store
1. Lundeen's Discound Liquors
2. Thirsty Liquors
3. Bottle Store

Lundeens is usually my first stop on any given night.

Best wait staff
1. Fatty's Pub and Grille
2. The Junction
3. Starbusters Bar and Grill

I've got to stop agreeing with these lists.  Fatty's is iffy at times though.

Best live music
1. Starbusters Bar and Grill
2. House Cafe
3. Otto's



Sorry, I'll have to disagree with that one.  In my opinion, Otto's a notch ahead with the better bands (Local H, Lucky Boys Confusion) and the better atmosphere for a concert.  Maybe I just love hanging with the Dekalb townies.  You can't go wrong with watching a Led Zeppelin or a Ramones cover band at Otto's.  GWAR is even going to be there in May.

Best place to watch television
1. Buffalo Wild Wings
2. Fatty's Pub and Grille
3. Starbusters Bar and Grill

Agreed, but the best place to watch a Huskie road game is definitely Fatty's.  Great atmosphere.


Best haircut
1. Great Clips
2. Hair Cuttery
3. Carmella Mahaz, Sigma Kappa

Great Clips is awful.  Or was it Hair Cuttery that was bad?  Need to find a good Mom & Pop haircut place around here.

Best place to study
1. Founders Memorial Library
2. Trident Cafe
3. Residence Halls

Best oil change
1. Wal-Mart
2. Jiffy Lube
3. Shell

Best girls shopping
1. Rue 21
2. Old Navy
3. Moxie

Best boys shopping
1. Old Navy (don't even bother shopping for clothes in dekalb)
2. Kohl's
3. Wal-mart

Best grocery
1. Wal-Mart (the cheapest)
2. Jewel-Osco
3. Schnucks

Best fitness center
1. Campus Rec Center (way too crowded)
2. Cardinal Fitness
3. DeKalb YMCA

Best tanning
1. Dynamic Tanning (no one in Dekalb is ever tan unless you fake bake)
2. L.A. Tan
3. Fun N Sun

Best fraternity
1. Pi Kappa Epsilon (Pikes win in internet voting for the nth straight year)
2. Sigma Alpha Epsilon
3. Phi Kappa Psi

Best sorority
1. Delta Gamma
2. Sigma Kappa
3. Delta Zeta

Best bartender
1. Lynette Happ
2. RJ Deleon
3. Cory Zbiden

Best bank
1. TCF Bank (worst bank ever, but monopolized in Dekalb)
2. Castle Bank
3. 5/3 Bank

Best kept secret
1. Phi Kappa Psi House
2. Paperback Grotto (local pr0n store)
3. Fatty's potato salad (delicious)

Best cell service
1. Verizon (good here, but bad elsewhere)
2. AT&T
3. T-Mobile

Best underage activity
1. Bowling
2. Huskie Den
3. Greek Row (aka underage drinking)

Best place to live
1. Greek Row
2. University Plaza
3. Residence Halls