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The Depth Chart: What We Know So Far


After just three practices a few pieces are starting to fall into place regarding the 2009 depth chart.  We've heard a lot more about offense than defense so far but here's what we can surmise based on published articles, interviews and first hand accounts from the practices.


  • Landon Cox, Willie Clark and Nathan Palmer seem to be the leaders at wide receiver.  I have not heard anything about how their backups are stacking up at this point. 
  • Reed Cunningham and Jason Schepler should be the primary tight ends, same as last year.  Recent junior college signee Nick Groeniger will join the team this summer and possibly work his way into the rotation as well.  The signing of Groeniger probably means Joliet JC tight end Kyle Weber will not be joining the Huskies. 
  • Trevor Olson will once again start at left tackle, currently backed up by Keith Otis.
  • Jason Onyebuagu will start at left guard.  No word yet on his backup although junior college signee Charvo Lampton would be a logical candidate when he joins the team this summer. 
  • Let's see, who will start at center?  That would be Eddie Adamski, holding the position for the fourth consecutive year.  He will probably be backed up by Scott Wedige as he was last year. 
  • The right guard position is open this year.  Panan Tense seems to be the leader there, backed up by Joe Pawlak.
  • The right tackle position is open too, and Kevin Skatrud seems to be leading Adam Kiel for that spot.  I have not heard Tony Holmes mentioned lately so he may be running behind these two.   
  • Chandler Harnish is the leader at quarterback.  No word yet on who his backup might be. 
  • Chad Spann seems to be the leader at tailback amongst a group of able players at this position, per my previous column on the subject.
  • Kyle Skarb and Connor Flahive will be the fullbacks and have done such a good job there the coaches were comfortable in moving Victor Jacques to linebacker.    


There are several returning players you can presume will play, such as your Cory Hanson's and your Brandon Bice's, but there's been very little indication of the state of the depth chart on this side of the ball.  Here's what we've heard:

  • David Bryant and Mike Sobol seem to be the starting safeties per the video interview with David Bryant.   
  • The middle linebacker depth chart is currently
    1. Pat Schiller
    2. Phil Brown
    3. Victor Jacques
  • Patrick George will start at one cornerback spot. 
  • Everyone's raving about what a great athlete Chris Smith is but it is unclear whether he or Kiaree Daniels will start at corner opposite Patrick George. 

That's it so far, with much more obviously to be determined.  To those of you who attend practices, please keep us up to date on what you see regarding the lineup.