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Two new additions to RABA

Hey ya'll, I've been working on a couple things the past few days and I want to share them with you.  A couple Easter Eggs if you will.

  • The first one is a page where you can follow your favorite former Huskies as they continue their careers in the professional ranks.  NIU Huskies Currently in the Pros includes those players currently in the NFL, Arena Football and Minor League Baseball and provides extra links to follow their careers.
  • The second page is a tracker of all the former assistants that succeeded under former Coach Joe Novak and went on to coach at BCS schools.  Novak himself was part of Miami Ohio's legendary "Cradle of Coaches", and I believe that he has planted his own seed as head of the Joe Novak Coaching Tree.

Both of these links will be permanently available on the left toolbar under 'Special Pages'