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Spring Game Thoughts


Here are a few quick observations from yesterday's Spring Game.  I first want to note that I stopped at the softball field and watched an inning of the Huskies' game against Eastern Michigan.  I had never done that before and I found the field to be real nice and a great place to watch a game.  I highly recommend it to everyone in the future.   The Huskies were wearing all-black uniforms (black shirt, black pants, black socks) and they looked great.  Maybe the football team could do an all-black alternate uni sometime.  If they looked as good as the softball team it would be awesome.  If you ever watch softball on TV, like the NCAA championship, you'll notice some of the ladies tend to be, you know, gigantic.  I mean yoooge.  There was no one on either team yesterday wholooked remotely like that.  All the ladies looked fit and athletic so kudos to both teams for their fitness. 

The Spring Game itself was mostly remarkable for the number of first /second stringers who barely played or played not at all.  Here's a list off the top of my head:

  • RB Chad Spann
  • RB Justin Anderson
  • FB Kyle Skarb
  • TE Reed Cunningham
  • WR Willie Clark
  • DE Jake Coffman
  • DE Mike Kritikos
  • DE Brandon Bice (played one series)
  • LB Pat Schiller (played one series)
  • LB Cory Hanson
  • S Mike Sobol
  • S Jody VanLaanen

The first team offense was as follows:

  • WR Landon Cox
  • WR Nate Palmer
  • WR Marcus Lewis
  • TE Sorry, I don't remember.  Schepler, Beckner and Marks played quite a bit.
  • LT Trevor Olson
  • LG Jason Onyebuagu
  • C Eddie Adamski
  • RG Panan Tense
  • RT Kevin Skatrud
  • QB Chandler Harnish
  • RB Meco Brown

The first team defense was:

  • LE Brandon Bice
  • DT Mike Krause
  • NT DJ Pirkle
  • RE Sean Progar-Jackson
  • OLB John Tranchitella
  • MLB Pat Schiller (followed by Victor Jacques)
  • OLB Alex Kube
  • CB Patrick George
  • SS Tracy Wilson
  • FS David Bryant
  • CB Kiaree Daniels

The personnel of the offensive units stayed pretty consistent as they rotated through while the defense changed it up quite a bit.  A few comments:

  • DeMarcus Grady seems to be solidly entrenched in the #2 QB spot. He threw some nice balls although he still has that kind of a windup to his throwing motion.  As long as it works.  He looked terrific running the ball as always.   
  • Meco Brown looked pretty good, as everyone has noted.  The Machine seems to be leaning toward Meco as his #1 for the fall but we'll see when Chad Spann jumps back into the competition.
  • As I noted in my practice report from a few weeks back, it was hard to evaluate the QBs, WRs and defensive backs because most of the throws were short dump-offs.  They're completing most of those and I sure hope so. 
  • They ran quite a bit of no-huddle, which was great to see.  I'll have more on that in another column. 
  • It was hard to evaluate the defense with so many backups in there in various combinations.  It will be great if they can get Mike Kritikos back for the season because he's a veteran, established speed rusher and they need one.  Some of the younger guys like Sean Progar-Jackson and Darnell Bolding have potential but I'll take experience any day.   Victor Jacques impressed as he flew around out there at middle linebacker.  He's going to be a real good one in the middle.