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A Tribute to WR Britt Davis

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Ah, Britt Davis.  The free agent signee is currently catching passes from fellow Jet rookie QB Mark Sanchez.

There's two sides of the fence you can be on when it comes to #7.  Fans either love or hate the oft-injured, inconsistent wideout that has displayed tremendous athletic ability throughout his NIU career.  Sure he didn't have the greatest hands in the world, but he was a very productive receiver throughout his career at Northern Illinois.

The highly-touted Britt played QB in high school, but the QB position was pretty loaded at that time, headlined by the statistical superstar Phil Horvath, backed up by Dan Nicholson.  In the summer of 2005, Britt made the transition to WR.  #7 was HC Joe Novak's crown jewel on offense, his ace in the hole if you will.  The entire operation was top-secret, so Novak was furious when this transition was leaked to the local media.  This marked a dark-age in terms of getting any great information about the NIU football team through the media.  Novak wouldn't open up his last couple years as coach, because he felt that he had been burned.  Britt Davis was his secret weapon.

I remember the first time I saw him play.  It was the 2005 season opener at the Big House in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  I obviously knew a lot about him, because I remember pointing him out to my friend when lined up in a goal-line situation.  If I remember correctly (and I'm pretty damn sure of this) he scored a touchdown on that play, but it got brought back on some stupid penalty.  Britt Davis was untouchable.  His speed was something that I really hadn't seen before.  We lost that game against Michigan, because of 5 lost turnovers.  What would have happened if the Britt Davis at WR experiment had been kept underwraps?  I doubt the outcome would have ever been different, but Coach Joe Novak was a Bo Schembechler disciple whose ultimate goal would have been to win at the Big House.

Britt was stellar in 2005, setting a freshman record with 42 receptions for 441 yds and 3 TDs behind two senior WRs.  The Britt Davis package at QB was there, but never took off.  As a full-time WR In 2006, #7 exploded with a sophomore record (sensing a trend here?) 57 receptions for 731 yds and 3 TDs.  The lack of TDs can be attributed to the fact that Garrett Wolfe was our running back at that time.

2007 and 2008 were tough years for Britt Davis.  In 2007, the whole team fell to an injury bug which included Britt.  2008 obviously brought in Coach Kill and his system or his relationship to Davis.  All in all, numero siete finished off his career now ranking #5 in career catches with 146 including 1,676 receiving yards and 9 careert TDs.

This was just suppossed to be a small intro to a video montage for Davis, but turned in to something more than that.  I'll post his greatest highlights another time.  All in all, I'm happy for all that Britt Davis has contributed to Northern Illinois these past few years.  Unfortunate circumstances tailed off his production throughout his career, but one can only hope for a rebirth as he latches on the New York Jets.  Here are his NFL pro day results.

What were some of your favorite moments of Britt Davis' career?