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Huskie Stadium getting a facelift

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T-minus 5 days till graduation...anybody wanna come to my after-party?

I know this isn't a landscaping or construction blog, but this is a huge deal in the history of Huskie Stadium.  The FieldTurf is getting replaced for the first time ever since it was first installed in 2001.  That's just about the entire modern/golden (Novak) era of Huskie Football.

I'm extremely excited about this, because quite frankly the field was starting to look pretty bad (I'm being lenient here!).  The reds were starting to fade to pinks, which happens to my old NIU clothes as well.  It's not like we have a practice field or anything, so that's been 8 straight years of Huskie practices, games, high school games and whatever else events that happens on the main field part.

It must be the off-season.  Anyways, provides us with some videos of the process of removing and replacing the said turf.  It's a "new" version of FieldTurf, so hopefully the injury rate on that thing will be decreased as well as the improvement of aesthetics.  It makes you wonder if any pieces of this on-field glory will be sold for $.  Mark me down for one.

What other improvements do you guys want to see for Huskie Stadium?  Any opinions on a new design to be placed on the incoming turf?