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Huskie athletes continue to excel in the classroom

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APR (academic progress rate) scores are in, and we're golden:

Northern Illinois teams scored above the 925 mark across the board, with 15 teams surpassing a 945 number. Last month, the NIU women's gymnastics (1000 APR) and volleyball (995) teams were publicly recognized as squads which rank in the top 10 percent of all teams in their sport this year.

In addition, the Huskie women's basketball (980) and women's golf (994) squads ranked in the top 20 percent, while men's golf (989) and men's tennis (982) posted a number in the top 30 percent of all teams in those sports. Northern Illinois football's mark of 947 puts it in the top 40 percent of all Division I programs.

Eleven NIU teams saw their academic progress rates increase from a year ago, with seven of those teams reporting an increase of 10 points or more. Women's volleyball (+21), men's golf (+20), football (+17), men's tennis (+17) and baseball (+16) made the most dramatic improvements from a year ago.

Congrats to our AD, the coaches and the entire academic support staff for making this happen.  There's no sign of slipping down in the rankings or losing any scholarships in the near future.

Here's a compiled list of the APR scores for the Football and Basketball teams in the MAC:

MAC football

Miami (Ohio): 966
Ohio: 949
Northern Illinois: 947
Ball State: 944
Eastern Michigan: 934
Western Michigan: 932
Central Michigan: 930
Akron : 926
Bowling Green: 920
Kent State: 919
UB: 908
Toledo: 908
Temple : 891

Toledo and Temple were not penalized because of improvements made over last year.  Akron barely slipped by the 925 cutoff point.

MAC men's basketball

Western Michigan: 995
UB: 975
Miami (Ohio): 968
Ohio: 948
Akron: 941
Toledo: 938
Northern Illinois: 933
Eastern Michigan: 931
Central Michigan: 930
Bowling Green: 928
Kent State: 929
Ball State: 873

The MAC as a whole had some tough penalties divvied out.  Here is a list of the said penalties because of the APR scores.  Remember that these take in to account the semesters of Fall of 2004 until Spring 2008 for each school.

  • Akron Men's Indoor/Outdoor Track - 0.26 scholarhips
  • Ball State Men's Basketball - 2 scholarships
  • Buffalo Football - 1 scholarship
  • Bowling Green Football - 8 scholarships
  • Kent State Football - 5 scholarships
  • Toledo Cross Country - Put on public notice

Bowling Green got hit HARD with 8 schollies being taken away.  Kent State not far away with 5 scholarships departed because of low APR scores.  North Texas is the only school in their league, losing 6 scholarships for football.  Penalties like those are really going to put a damper on your program in the upcoming years.

Ball State's 2 losses for basketball is pretty huge as well considering basketball teams only have 13 scholarships available every year normally.

I'm extremely proud of all our student athletes at Northern Illinois and look forward for their continued success on and off the field!