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CFN/Scout Two Deep: How did I do?

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Now that CFN/Scout has come out with their 2009 preview on the Huskies (CFN/Scout Preview) let's see how I did on my predictions of their two-deep (Predictions). 

Wide Receiver

I listed three sets of receivers while CFN listed two.  I did not distinguish between W, X and Z, listing them as:

WR  Landon Cox/Tyler Clasey

WR  Marcus Lewis/Willie Clark

WR  Nathan Palmer/Ron Walker

while CFN had:

Z  Landon Cox/Marcus Lewis

Willie Clark/Nathan Palmer.

These four guys will clearly see the field this fall.  It remains to be seen who else will get playing time.  There's room for more with the numerous three receiver sets the Huskies run, so maybe a Ron Walker steps up or one of the incoming freshmen.  And we can always hope DeMarcus Grady gets to operate in a "slash" role as he is so gifted with the ball in his hands.

Offensive Line

I almost nailed this category as I had:

LT  Trevor Olson/Keith Otis

LG  Jason Onyebuagu/Logan Pegram

C   Eddie Adamski/Scott Wedige

RG Panan Tense/Joe Pawlak

RT  Kevin Skatrud/Adam Kiel

The only difference was that CFN had right tackle listed as:

RT  Kevin Skatrud OR Panan Tense/Adam Kiel

Tense and Skatrud were entrenched at right guard and tackle, respectively, during spring practice so it would be a surprise to see anything else there come fall.


I was correct at quarterback with:

QB  Chandler Harnish/DeMarcus Grady

as those two cleary stood out in spring ball. 


I was also correct at fullback with:

FB   Kyle Skarb/Connor Flahive

Running Back

I had running back listed as:

RB   Meco Brown/Chad Spann

while CFN had it as:

RB   Meco Brown/Chad Spann OR Ricky Crider

The wild card at running back is of course Justin Anderson.  What a shot in the arm he could provide the team if he could come back strong and play meaningful reps in 2009.


Defensive Line

I had most of these correct with:

RE   Jake Coffman/Sean Progar-Jackson

NT   Mike Krause/Brian Lawson

DT  DJ Pirkle/Adam Coleman

LE  Brandon Bice/Kyle Jenkins

CFN  had the same except for:

DT  DJ Pirkle/Adam Coleman OR Ron Newcomb

LE  Brandon Bice/Kyle Jenkins OR Darnell Bolding

so I was substantially correct on the D-line.  It will be interesting to see if any incoming freshmen can work their way into the rotation.  We have some great D-line talent arriving in the fall.  It will also be interesting to see if Mike Kritikos can make it back from the bad leg injury he suffered in spring ball.  He was developing into a nice speed rusher and he could really help if he's healthy this fall.


There was a mixed bag at linebacker where I had:

SLB   Alex Kube/John Tranchitella

MLB  Pat Schiller/Victor Jacques

WLB  Cory Hanson/Zach Larsen

and CFN listed them as:

SLB  Alex Kube/Spencer Williamson

MLB  Pat Schiller/Victor Jacques

WLB  Cory Hanson/John Tranchitella

The Huskies are deep at linebacker since the CFN list does not even include Zach Larsen and Phil Brown, two seniors who could really help if needed, plus an incoming junior in Jordan Delegal. 


I had the following corners:

CB   Patrick George/Rashaan Melvin

CB  Kiaree Daniels/Chris Smith

while CFN had them as:

LCB  Patrick George/Rashaan Melvin/Chris Smith

RCB Kiaree Daniels/Tommy Davis

Tommy Davis moved up the depth chart in a hurry after moving over from wide receiver in the second half of spring ball.  The coaches seem to really like him at CB.  And how 'bout some props for Rashaan Melvin, another walkon made good.


I was correct here with:

SS   Tracy Wilson/Mike Sobol

FS    David Bryant/Jody VanLaanen.

Ok, ok, I had the "strong" and "free" mixed up but that's because I was in a hurry.  Overall the Huskies are strong at safety and they have another great athlete in Garrett Barnas arriving in the fall.