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NIU-Purdue Game Time, TV dates announced

The MAC released their 2009 football TV schedule. We all know this one:

Saturday, Sept. 5

Northern Illinois at Wisconsin, 6 pm (Big Ten Network)

Two new times are announced for the Huskies

Saturday, Sept. 19

Northern Illinois at Purdue, 11 am (Big Ten Network)


Saturday, Oct. 31

Akron at Northern Illinois, 11 am (ESPN Plus/GamePlan)

It's nice to see some good old-fashioned 11 am starts on a Saturday being televised.  Looking forward to watching those games.  Now for the OR games:


Thursday, Nov. 5

Miami at Temple or Eastern Michigan at NIU, 6:30 pm (ESPNU)


Thursday, Nov. 12

Ball State at NIU or BGSU at Miami, 5 pm (ESPNU)


Friday, Nov. 27

ESPNU (10 am)/ multiple selection date

EMU at Akron, Buffalo at Kent State, Temple at Ohio, NIU at CMU, Toledo at BGSU

I really don't see us being shut out by ESPNU for either of the games that we are up against, but you never know.  For that last one, it's a MAC-stravaganza the day after Thanksgiving.