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NCAA 10 gets the Chad Spann seal of DISapproval

I've already discussed why I won't be getting the new NCAA Football 2010 video game that came out yesterday.  But don't take it from me, take it from your star running back Chad Spann.  According to his facebook account, he won't be buying the new game, because the roster isn't correct at all.  FS David Bryant is even listed as a running back.  He used to play that...2 years ago!

That's messed up.  TE Dan Edem with the confirmation.  So this year, I'm gonna go out and buy that other college football game...what?'re telling me that EA sports is running some unfair monopoly and this is the only choice we have out there?


PS: a random google search led me to find Chad Spann's Twitter page @cspann28.  Whoo!