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Scheduling Ideas

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Congratulations to Jeff Compher on signing the one for one that will bring Kansas to Huskie Stadium in 2012.  Terrific job and much appreciated.  Check below to see my ideas for other BCS opponents to visit DeKalb...

The criteria are as follows:

-BCS conference school (of course)

-Interested in recruiting the Chicago area

-Would not travel well enough to sell out Soldier Field

(Note: I love the revenue the Soldier Field games bring and believe we should schedule games there whenever possible, but that's a different subject.  We're talking about teams who would come to DeKalb.)

Who fits these criteria?  Here's a partial list:

  • Kansas State
  • Colorado
  • Indiana
  • Iowa State
  • Arizona
  • Washington State
  • Vanderbilt

Other possibilities:

  • Wake Forest (Hey, they came before)
  • Maryland (ditto)
  • Purdue (They're borderline Soldier Field material)
  • Missouri (ditto)
  • Cincinnati (Would be a great fit except they already play Miami every year)

What other schools fit the criteria?