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Getting to know: The Bloggers of Red and Black Attack

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I'm proud to announce that we have a new member to the RABA squad in Jerry Burnes of Northern Star fame.  He saved me the other day announcing the breaking news of the Kansas game while I was trying to catch a train downtown.  Now that we're finally assembling some sort of a crew, I thought it was only necessary to formally introduce the entire (3-member) writing staff.  I recently updated the About Red and Black Attack page and there's a little about me there. I became an NIU fan back in 2002 after witnessing the season-opening upset of Wake Forest and enjoy sunsets and long walks on the beach...but enough about me, let's meet the heart and soul of this website:

Jerry Burnes

Jerry graduated Northern Illinois with a BS in Journalism in May of 2009 and currently writes part-time for the Free Press Newspapers in his hometown of Wilmington, IL.  He really came in to his own this past couple years as you may remember him as a featured sports writer and editor for the Northern Star.  Yes he reads the message boards and NStar writers like himself are not conspiring in any way, shape or form to end NIU athletics as a whole.

His favorite parts about working with the Star was the opportunity to follow Huskie great Larry English through his path to the NFL and helping compile a list of the Top 50 Huskies of All-Time this past semester.  Make sure to follow his Facebook Page or his Twitter Feed to keep up with all of his work and to read his previous articles.

Jerry is a bit of a jack-of-all trades in writing and will grasp the stories and sports that generally fall a little off of the radar.  He's also kind of claimed second in command in terms of breaking news stories already (see the Kansas announcement).  His other hobbies include playing golf, NCAA Football and rooting for the Cubs, Hawks & Bears.  Rick Reilly of ESPN is his favorite writer and he thinks that Joe Buck is probably the worst announcer out there (who doesn't?).



NIU1981 is a 1981 graduate of NIU.  During his college days he often sat in Huskie Stadium with intimate crowds of 5,000 or so watching Pete Kraker throw to Dave Petzke while Frank Lewandoski cleaned up at middle linebacker. 

[Note by Mike Breese, 07/23/09 3:58 PM CDT ] Both Petzke and Lewandoski were named to the Top 10 players of the Century list for all the youngins out there not in the know.  More chronicles of their outstanding performances can be found here.

81 and his friends used to joke about sellout crowds, national rankings, televised games, victories over Top 20 teams and bowl appearances, all of which have incredibly come to pass.  You had to be there back then to understand just how incredible it all is.  81 is a huge admirer of Coach Joe Novak whose integrity and force of will brought the modern Huskie football program into being.  He believes the Huskie football program is on the verge of even greater things.  When not following Huskie football NIU1981 is usually on his kids' athletic fields.

NIU1981 has his own personal column called Talkin' Out My Hat.  Although he posts infrequently, he provides excellent insight and thought in all of his contributions.  His main focus is NIU Football.