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NIU Short Game Facility Coming to Kishwaukee Country Club

A new short game practice facility will be dedicated on Aug.1 at Kishwaukee Country Club for the men's and women's NIU golf teams.

I spoke with Senior Associate Athletic Director Tim McMurray by e-mail Thursday night and he put to bed a few rumors that this was the indoor practice facility. HASF donors received e-mail invites on Thursday for the event which he said was a late reccomendation by the club.

The facility is a product of the partnership between NIU and KCC. I'll follow-up after Saturday to try and get the nitty gritty details as far as cost, size and that stuff.

There was also some talk that the facility could bear the name of former NIU golf coach Jack Pheanis. Unfortunetely, McMurray also shot that one down. Maybe, hopefully, they have something bigger planned for Coach Pheanis.