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NIU in the NFL: Preseason Week 1

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I literally had zero expectations for this weekend in games featuring former NIU players.  The usual suspects as well as the players that needed to show something the most came away with a fantastic weekend.  We have to wait another week for Larry English's debut because of a hamstring injury, but I'm sure it will be worth the wait.

  • The Dallas Cowboys are looking far and wide for a WR to step up to soften the blow of losing Terrell Owens.  Sam Hurd is rapidly rising in terms of status by the coaches and fans.  He really took over the game and finished leading the team with 5 receptions for 79 yds, making him a viable candidate for the #3 WR spot and above.  The crew over at Blogging the Boys are impressed.  Very impressed.  The sky is the limit for the 4th year undrafted free-agent barring any injuries.
  • WR Britt Davis of the New York Jets was other debut this preseason that was eagerly anticipated by Huskie fans, and he didn't disappoint.  Britt made a nice debut catching 2 passes for 33 yds.  The QB that was in for the Jets was Eric Ainge of Tennessee fame and he was less than spectacular.  #17 would have had a good amount of extra yardage if somebody (Mark Sanchez, hello!) could get him the ball.  He definitely has an in to make the team so far.
  • And guess who had a huge rumbling, bumbling TD run this week?  You are right: Michael Turner.  The bowling ball cannot be stopped,  He finished with 6 carries for 63 yds and a TD.  Here's the video replay of the Turner run per
  • WR Matt Simon had one catch for 13 yds in his debut for the Saints.  Garrett Wolfe saw a lot of looks from the Chicago Bears because Forte was out, but failed to make any breakaway plays.  He did make a nice fumble recovery on punt coverage and showed strength and toughness when there weren't any holes for him to run through.