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John Cleary headed to Lubbock



I just wrapped up with Blayne Beal of Texas Tech media relations and he confirmed that former NIU men's golf coach John Cleary has been hired on as the new women's assistant coach.

Cleary is now the third "minor" sport athlete to leave NIU for a bigger school. Steve Simmons (soccer) left to Oregon State for a head coaching job, he was an assistant there before. Men's tennis coach Pawel Gajdzik took a head coaching job at Purdue too.

This is interesting as Cleary is not joining as a head caoch and would have two fine golfers in Tim Kay and Andrew Frame returning. He graduated from Kansas so I'm assuming this is simply a return to the Big 12 for him. 

The release will be out in a few days and I'll have more on this next week when the involved parties come available.