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Mike Sobol: Underrated Huskie of the Week

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If you look at the official statsheet for this game, you will find that Sobol is credited with 8 tackles and an assist on a TFL.  That's it.  Nothing too special.  That is, until you check out the film:

Safey Mike Sobol CLEARLY causes both of those fumbles with jarring hits.  He started 12 games last year on the strong side and has started the last 2 games at free safety.  Sobol is knows how to hit and is seeing extensive playing time because David Bryant has been unable to play because of his nagging ankle injury

The first fumble was accredited to either Kube or Delegal, while the second one was to Butler.

8 tackles AND 2 forced fumbles sounds a lot better than what he was originally credited. Both of these forced fumbles set up touchdowns on offense for the Huskies.  The first one was especially important because it came right off a Huskie turnover and set the tone for the game.  Sobol 14, Western Illinois 0.

Anybody know NIU's stat person so he or she can change this mistake?