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Coaching Hotseat: Early Edition

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J.D. Brookhart: via <a href=""></a>
J.D. Brookhart: via

Now that we're three games into the new season let's take a quick look at the MAC football coaching hotseat.

We'll know more once conference play starts but a few trends are already clear.  All the coaches in the MAC West are in good shape with the possible exception of Stan Parrish at Ball State.  He gets a pass this year due to the tremendous loss of talent from last year's squad but this season has gone poorly so far and if he gets off to a bad start next year he could be in trouble.

In the MAC East I would say Kent State's Doug Martin and Akron's J.D. Brookhart, both in their sixth season at their respective schools, have to be feeling some heat.  Neither has been able to field a consistent winner and the natives are getting restless, particularly on the Akron message board.  There's still lots of time for these guys to turn it around this season but Kent State is dealing with the unfortunate loss of Eugene Jarvis and currently starting a freshman at quarterback while Akron has suspended their senior quarterback indefinitely.  We'll check back in later this season to see how it's gone.