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VANDALIZED: Idaho stops NIU comeback, beat Huskies 34-31

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The Good

Conference play hasn't started yet.  This team needs to sack up in the MAC opener against Western Michigan on Homecoming next week.  It's do or die time for Coach Kill's Huskies.

The Bad

The defense.  They can't tackle.  They can't rush the passer.  They can't do much of anything.  Idaho was 8 of 13 on 3rd downs and just kept driving on and on when we needed a stop.  We seriously had no business being in this game being outgained 477-312 in total yardage and out-executed 24-18 in 1st downs.  No forced turnovers.

The Ugly

All-Access video on didn't start until the 4th quarter.  I want my $7 back.  Plus some freebies for emotional distress.  Oh and the officiating staff for this game was AWFUL.  There goes whatever support I had of female referees in FBS competition.  Why did we have WAC officials anyways?  OK WAC/MWC/CUSA but who's counting.  After the game, one Idaho player complimented her.  Yeah, because she gave you guys the calls.

The Eerie

This is the 2002 season redux.  Both previous seasons (2001 & 2008) achieved 6 wins.  We beat a BCS team in Purdue (Wake Forest in '02), we barely lose to Wisconsin (21-24 in '02) we also lost to somebody we shouldn't have in Idaho (Western Illinois in '02). 

And for the uncertain future...

That 2002 team then rattled off 7 straight victories in the Mid-American Conference.

The Hangover

Great movie, but not so great performance for the Huskies the week after beating Purdue.  This team obviously has a lot of maturing to do before we have a chance at taking the MAC West.  I thought that we'd be OK, but that definitely wasn't the case.  Mad props to Idaho for coming all the way out here and getting the victory.  They were the better team today.

The Infirmary

DE Jake Coffman didn't play this week, but will play against WMU.  Was actually cleared to play, but didn't.  C Eddie Adamski went out with an injured ankle.  TE Reed Cunningham was held out because of the flu if I heard correctly.

Coach Kill's Press Conference (paraphrased):

  • I think Idaho did an excellent job today
  • They out-executed out football team today
  • Hats off to our opponent
  • Flat out executed us
  • Was this a letdown?  No, no, no, no, no
  • We put that game behind us, good practices.  Two good football teams going at it.  They out-executed us.
  • Bottom line is that we played a good football team.  Our players knew.  Very good quarterback, knew that.
  • Now we need to out-execute our opponents and do the little thing.
  • Big thing was they blocked better.  We didn't tackle very well.  They blocked better.  They executed better.
  • You really look at success: 3rd down conversions.
  • They executed & made plays.  We made them last week.
  • Good job fighting back offensively.  They took our offense out of rhythm from what they were doing offensively.
  • Bottom line is they physically took it too us.
  • Look at TOP & 3rd down conversions - differences in the game
  • Harnish: Kicking FGs instead of scoring TDs was HUGE
  • This is how you develop character.  Anybody can have a big win.  See if you got men or if you still got little boys.