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Three Key Plays

As poorly as the Huskies tackled last Saturday, and it was poor, the game came down to three key plays.  If any one of them went the Huskies' way they had a good chance to pull out the win.  That's how crazy these games are.  The plays?

  • The interference call on David Bryant that nullified Tracy Wilson's interception in the end zone.  That was a bad call.  Bryant barely touched the guy and he certainly didn't impede him in any way.  Idaho subsequently scored a touchdown on that possession.
  • The third down pass completion on Idaho's final possession of the first half.  You'll recall the Huskies pinned them deep on the kickoff and used timeouts to stop the clock as we had them at third and long.  Their QB made an absolutely perfect throw up the left sideline for a completion to the 6'6" receiver to keep the drive alive.  Idaho went on to score a TD during that possession on the long screen pass up the right sideline.
  • The third down pass completion on Idaho's final possession of the game.  This was the diving catch by the 6'6" guy (him again!).  An incompletion there and the Huskies get the ball back around midfield with time to tie or win in regulation.  I thought we had them at that point. 

Hopefully our boys learn from this one that you can't cut it that close and hope to win.  I like our chances this weekend if they bring the kind of passion they showed at Purdue.