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The Daily Diesel needs to study the playbook more

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Huskie Football

Coach Kill's eventful Press Conference for Western Illinois... now with video!

Wait, you want to contract the playbook, not expand it?

"You try to look at what we need to do to execute better on both sides of the ball and in the kicking game. If you have to eliminate some stuff, you have to eliminate it. Sometimes we get caught up in, well, we had some success last year, we're going to build off that and you move faster than we normally would. We have a younger team than we had a year ago. Sometimes, as a coach, you move faster than the kids can move. It's not about what we know; it's about what the players know and what they can do. We're still trying to find that out.

Western is athletic I guess

"It's hard for me to tell until we play them. They're athletic, I can tell you that. They're as athletic as many teams in our conference. Their receivers could run; they're tall. Their quarterback, who we played against when I was at Southern, is athletic. They're an athletic football team."

So uh...what is your current adjective for Hanson?

"I'm proud of Cory. I remember when I was at Southern, preparing for Northern, we prepared for Cory. He was light in the pants when he played a couple years ago. He's gotten stronger; he's a more physical player; he's a better player against the run. There's nothing like experience. You either buy in or you buy out. He's bought in to what we're doing and playing well.

Kill on his 2-year extension:

"It was not about money, it's just an extension. I told Dr. Peters and Mr. Compher I want to be able to get the program built back up to exactly where Joe Novak had it and continue on. To do it right, you can't do it the quick fix way. You can't take 15, 18 transfers, you have to build it along. We're playing some freshmen now that I'd like to redshirt, but we can't. To build a good program you need a little bit of time. I think they feel good about the progress we're making. Basically, I think they like the direction we are going. It's very rewarding to me because I`m excited about being here and I want to do it the right way."

John Sahly delves deeper into Kill's post-career plans:

"Much like I said all my life, I'll be fishing on some lake in a one-room cabin eating peanut butter and jelly and I'll live a good life," he said. "If it came tomorrow and they told me, 'Hey coach, you're just not what we want.' I'm OK with it. I'm not going to have a press conference with me standing up here bellyaching and griping and complaining.

"When I come to work and it becomes work, I'll walk away from it. But I've got a lot of juice in me right now."

The Pulitzer is in the mail...Huskie Wire | Road Trip Vol. 1: The search for Lot 29

This number is high:

Sixteen Huskies played in their first-ever college football game against Wisconsin, which the NIU coaches believed contributed to the mental errors committed against the Badgers. Those mistakes didn't really come in the form of penalties, where the Huskies (0-1) had only two for 26 yards, but in blown coverages or misreading a play on both sides of the ball.

Really?  Let's break it down: WR Martel Moore, WR Perez Ashford, NG Brian Lawson, CB Chris Smith, CB Tommy Davis, WLB Jordan Delegal, LE Darnell Bolding, P Josh Wilber, LT Keith Otis, LB Dan Edem, LE Alan Baxter, RE Sean Progar, TE Jack MarksThat's 13 from the participation report.  Who am I missing?

[Note by Mike Breese, 09/10/09 1:28 AM CDT ] LB Victor Jacques played ST according to the Game Notes, which says 14 instead of 16.

Can Badger flu transfer to Huskies?  Source: H1N1 virus may have hit UW football team - Bucky's 5th Quarter

Me'co Brown practicing one-handed Punt catches?

"He practiced on Sunday," Kill said. "His hand was in a cast. I don’t know how well he’ll be able to secure the ball yet. But he was catching punts."

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