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NIU breaks the will of Central Michigan in 2nd Half

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The Huskies knew they were in for a battle against CMU and they were right early on.  After Alex Kube forced a CMU fumble on their first posession, that put the Huskies in place to make a statement early in this one.  They would only advance the ball to the CMU 32 and Michael Cklamovski would miss a 49-yarder.  Same old, same old missed field goals.

The Huskies would then drive and make it inside CMU's 10 yard line three separate times, but only put 3 points on the board each time.  The Huskies were actually losing the game when CMU was up 7-3 at the beginning of the 2nd quarter.  That must have pissed the defense off.  Three turnovers and we could only make it 9-7?

The 2nd Half

After missing another field goal kicking with the wind, the Huskies were like screw it and put Cameron Bell into the game.  The 6'2" 242 lb running back just destroyed the spirits of Central Michigan's entire defense.  They didn't really have a chance at this point.  He busted open 30 and 21-yard runs that were simply unbelievable.

32 plays, 3 of them being passes resulted in three touchdowns by Chad Spann and a field goal to make it 33-7.

Bell would finish with 12 carries for 82 yds.  Spann would have 101 on 23 carries.  Chandler Harnish had 71 on 11 carries and Jordan Lynch even had 4 carries for 21 yds in this one.

Even though it didn't happen right away, the defense made the stops it needed to, including forcing 5 turnovers.  For the Huskies to leave points on the board and still be blowing this team away is amazing.

It was just a beatdown.  Similar to the Minnesota game, we just ran and ran and ran and nobody could stop us.  Now if we could just get the redzone offense scoring touchdowns, then watch out!

What are your thoughts on the game?