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The warmup for the Temple game went well

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A capacity homecoming crowd watches in delight inside of Akron's brand new $61.6 million dollar InfoCision stadium.
A capacity homecoming crowd watches in delight inside of Akron's brand new $61.6 million dollar InfoCision stadium.

I'm going to start sounding like a broken record, but for the second straight week, we played a horrible team.  Akron (0-5) is right next to EMU at the cellar of the conference.  However, the Huskies accomplished every single thing that they had to accomplish in preparation for the game against Temple in Huskie Stadium next week.

Developing the Passing Game

Believe it or not, Akron has one of the better front sevens in the entire conference.  They had the horses to stop the run if that's all we chose to do on Saturday.  That was the gameplan, as the Zips focused on stopping the run early on and putting extra men in the box.

NIU figured out that the best way to attack Akron's defense would not be stubbornly running the ball, but by passing the ball through the air.  BOOM - the first two plays of the game go to Martel Moore, the latter for a 47-yarder.  Chandler Harnish would then get sacked on a 3rd down attempt and Cklamovski would net a 27-yard FG.

On the next series Harnish aired it out to three different receivers, highlighted by a 23-yarder by Willie Clark on the second play of the drive.  Again, the Huskies would have to settle for a field goal after a Harnish sack, the second and final time the Zips got a hand on the QB

The Huskies got the second quarter started off quick, as a Jason Schepler catch for 20 yds put the Huskies in position for their 3rd straight field goal in the game.

RECEIVING  No.  Yds  TD  Lg 
Moore, Martel   85  47 
PALMER, Nathan   65  58 
Clark, Willie   46  23 
Cox, Landon   58  32

Unleash Cameron Bell

It's 9-7 and with three trips to the redzone and not touchdowns, the Huskies are still dominating the game physically.  NIU would start on their own seven yard line when they unleashed THE BELL into the game.  Akron was physically getting beat up at this point, and Spann would spell Bell every few carries.  Add in a 32-yd catch by Landon Cox and NaPalm getting a pass interference call, a Spann TD made it 16-7 Huskies.

Putting the pedal down

After a garbage 24-yd Akron punt, the Huskies were just like f*ck it and the drive culminated in a 26-yd pass to Cox, a 12-yd Moore grab and a 7-yd TD catch by Willie Clark.

The next play?  A 26 yd interception by Devon Butler for a touchdown.  29-7 Huskies.

Then this happened:

  • (1st and 10) NORTHERN ILLINOIS drive start at 13:38.
  • (1st and 10) SPANN, Chad rush for 8 yards to the NIU48 (THOMAS, Mike).
  • (2nd and 2) SPANN, Chad rush for 3 yards to the AKRON49, 1ST DOWN NIU (MARCOUX, Dan;WAGNER, Brian).
  • (1st and 10) SPANN, Chad rush for 9 yards to the AKRON40, out-of-bounds (PROVINCE, Jared).
  • (2nd and 1) SPANN, Chad rush for no gain to the AKRON40 (HAZIME, Hasan).
  • (3rd and 1) SPANN, Chad rush for 20 yards to the AKRON20, 1ST DOWN NIU (RICHMOND, Josh).
  • (1st and 10) SPANN, Chad rush for 3 yards to the AKRON17 (THOMAS, Mike;WAGNER, Brian).
  • (2nd and 7) CRIDER, Ricky rush for 1 yard to the AKRON16 (MARCOUX, Dan;WAGNER, Brian).
  • (3rd and 6) HARNISH, Chand pass complete to CLARK, Willie for 16 yards to the AKRON0, 1ST DOWN NIU, TOUCHDOWN, clock 09:38.

It must have been demoralizing for Akron at this point where they can't stop the run even though it's coming every play.  And then we throw it to Clark.  36-14.

The next series went by pretty quickly.  Cam Bell had a 24-yard run and then Nathan Palmer had a 58-yard TD reception.  43-14.

After another spectacular 26-yard punt by Akron, the Huskies just gave the ball to Ricky Crider and he scored a TD.  50-14.

Jordan Lynch makes his debut

This should have happened in the North Dakota game, but our backup quarterback FINALLY got some snaps in.  This was essential as Lynch is the next man in if Harnish happens to incur his yearly injury this season.  His final statline: 1 for 2 with an 11 yd pass to Nick Groeniger for a first down.  I wanted to see something spectacular like a TD pass, but he had to scramble around on a couple plays and Josh Wilber had to kick the first punt of the game.

I would have actually liked to have seen him play with my own two eyes, but All-MACcess is a pile of crap.  I put this entire recap together just by listening to the radio and reading the drive chart.

I can't think of any way this game could have gone better in preparation for next week.

Bring on the Owls!