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NIU ranked "29th" in current polls

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I put quotations there because the rankings only go up to 25. Nobody is actually voting for you as the 29th team in the nation. The voters are either including you or not in their ballots. The USA/Coaches Poll is less accurate than the AP, but is included in the BCS. Go figure. Let's just review what teams finished in front of the 8-2 Huskies and their resumes:

#28 North Carolina State (7-3)

They're 7-3 and play in the ACC. Need I say more?

#27 (Coaches Poll) Michigan (7-3)

If Wisconsin can lay 83 points on Indiana, DEAR GOD WHAT WILL THEY DO TO THE WOLVERINES NEXT WEEK?? The AP knows better and put big blue well below the Huskies this week.

#27/#26 Florida State (7-3)

See: The exact same thing I wrote about NC St.

#26/#25 Northwestern (7-3)

Very nice win over a flailing Iowa team in Evanston. Still can't get over the fact they lost to Purdue on the same exact field. With QB Dan Persa out for the season with a ruptured achilles (OUCH), a loss to Illinois next week in Wrigley Field (the host of College Gameday) will send the Wildcats reeling.

#25/#24 Utah (8-2)

Just lost their second straight game... to an unranked Notre Dame team. Meanwhile NIU has won 7 straight games. Seriously? I honestly don't think Utah should have ever been ranked at all this entire season. They travel to SDSU and will likely lose their 3rd straight.

#24/#21 Miami (7-3)

They're 7-3 and play in the... come on now. They play #14/#15 VT next week in the 'who can suck the least' bowl.

#20 (AP Poll) USC (7-3)

What's the point of you being ranked by anybody at this point?

Other teams on the chopping block:

#22 Miss St (7-3) vs. #13 Arkansas.

#20/#21 Iowa (7-3) vs. #7/#8 Ohio State

#18/#19 Texas A&M (7-3) vs. #9 Nebraska

In conclusion:

Oh yes, we will be ranked. Patience my friend. Next week will likely be that week. All we can hope for now is some recognition in the only poll that matters: The BlogPoll.