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A game that Bradley didn't win, but NIU lost

Hooooly cow.  The Huskies take a double dip of basketball while we wait patiently to play Ball State and don't fail to spurn us all for the second straight game.

Well, let's get right to it then.

See that tiny gray line at the bottom?  Oh yes, NIU had a 7-point lead with 9:55 left in the game.  Pretty much the opposite of what happened vs. Northwestern.  But then it seemed that the players realized that they were playing for Northern Illinois under Ricardo Patton and all of a sudden collapsed and never regained the lead after 7 minutes were left in the game.

Positives (we always start with positives)

Insane rebounding.  This was the most improved thing since the first game.  The Huskies had 46, including 13 on the offensive end.  Four Huskies had at least 6 rebounds in this one.  Bryan Hall had 4 offensive boards, that's going after the ball.

Free throw party.  The Huskies got to the line 19 times and made 16 baskets.  That's 84.2%!


Turnovers.  20 turnovers?  Really?  The big men Tim Toler and Nate Rucker had 9 combined.  Just ridiculous.  These guys should just be standing under the basket dunking, not getting the ball taken away from them.

Again with the perimeter D.  For the second straight game, NIU came ahead in FG% and still lost the game.  The difference?  Bradley was 10 for 27 from three and NIU was only 5 of 19.

Individual Performances

Xavier Silas had a tremendous outing scoring 22 and shooting 63.6%.  Nate Rucker had the double-double with 14 pts and 10 rebounds, but also turned the ball over 5 times.  He did play 36 minutes though.

Michael Patton was 0 for 5 with 4 of those being longballs, but also had 4 assists.  Bryan Hall isn't an offensive threat at all and had 4 turnovers.  Kyree Jones should be seeing a lot more than 21 minutes at the point.  Tim Toler was 2 for 8 and shot 2 three pointers.