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So we beat Ball State 59-21 and their coach got fired

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It was another week of scoring 50+ points.  Ho-hum.  Fans are already patiently awaiting the MAC Championship Game on December 3rd.  The coolest thing about that is going to be the watch parties all over the country to see the Huskies take their first ever MAC Championship since 1983!

Wait, we have one more game left?  Against Eastern Michigan?  It's coming up quick and it's going to hit you out of nowhere during your turkey hangover.  11 AM on Friday.  I hope the team will be ready for the quick turnaround on the road.

Getting too ahead of myself.

Here's the game summary of what happened in Muncie, IN:


Animated Drive Chart brought to you by Gameday Depot.

First half

  • Touchdown Nathan Palmer, 7-0
  • Missed FG
  • Jordan Delegal blocked punt, Jimmie Ward TD, 14-0
  • Harnish fumble, spot TD to BSU, 14-7
  • Touchdown Nathan Palmer (x2), 21-7
  • Ricky Crider partially blocked punt
  • Chad Spann TD, 28-7
  • Forced fumble by Pat Schiller, recovered by Jordan Delegal
  • Preemptive fake kick by Matthew Sims
  • Spann TD (x2), 35-7

Second half

  • Ball State touchdown (what is going on here?), 35-14
  • Blocked FG, anger by Huskie Nation
  • Defense gives up a token 80 yd TD by Ball State, 35-21
  • Botched onsides kick by Balls U
  • Spann TD (x3), 42-21
  • MADE FIELD GOAL OMG!!!, 45-21
  • Chris Smith forced fumble and recovery
  • Chandler Harnish INT into double coverage
  • Ty Clark INT and TD, 52-21
  • Tommy Davis 52 yd return
  • FIRST JORDAN LYNCH TD to Kyle Skarb, 59-21


It was a game of big plays.  Whenever something seemed to be going right for Ball State, NIU turned it on and made an impact of their own.

Chris Smith

This guy was a man on a mission vs. Ball State.  I don't know what he did or what somebody said to him before the game, but the senior CB just terrorized every single Cardinal player on the field.  He not only knocked starter Keith Wenning out of the game, but also had 8 tackles (all solo), had 2 TFL and recovered his own forced fumble.  Holy crap.  That earned him a Hustle Belt, but some schlum for WMU had 17 tackles so they gave the MAC West POW award to him.

Punt block team

Jimmie Ward didn't get his 4th blocked punt of the season, but returned one for a TD when Jordan Delegal blocked his first of two blocked punts for the day which netted him his MAC West POW award.  Ricky Crider also joined in and had half a punt block.

Other teams must be freaking the hell out right now considering how many ways this team can beat you both on offense and on defense.  This team can win any which way possible, which is the mark of a championship team.

Wide Receivers

While Nathan Palmer may be the star of this game, the receivers on this team are vastly unsung.  Ball State was clearly keying on the run and the outstanding play of not only Palmer, but Landon Cox, Willie Clark and Martel Moore made outstanding catches to keep drives alive.  This unit is SO much better than the last two years it's not even funny.

Defense and the kicking game

How inconsistent can each of these guys be?  We keep missing field goals and giving up random big plays at inopportune times.  Hopefully these guys can put some sort of stellar performance against EMU, but who knows.

Is NIU a top 25 team, even though the voters put them at 26?

Will they look past Eastern Michigan?

Are these bottom-feeder teams preparing us enough for the MACC?

What watch party for the MAC Championship will you attend?