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NIU is ranked in the Top 25 for the first time since 2004

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Despite what the official NIU Media tells you, this is the first ranking of the Northern Illinois Huskies since 2004.


HuskieWire had the same issue with accuracy at first, but accepted my critique through twitter.

NIU was last ranked in the coaches poll on Nov. 7, 2004, and hasn't been ranked in the AP poll since Nov. 9, 2003.

In '04, the then 7-2 Huskies were undefeated in conference play and ranked as high as #22 the week before Garrett Wolfe infamously decided to break up a fight before the Toledo game.  They ended up 9-3 with a win over Troy in the Silicon Valley Bowl.

The ESPN folk such as Chris Fowler, Kirk Herbstreit and Craig James didn't feel the need to rank the Huskies, as they are BCS homers.

I'm amazed by the lack of history when it comes to rankings.  It seems to me that things have gone downhill in this context since Mike Korcek was fired.

"It's good for our school and good for our football program, and this Friday we'll see if we're worthy of it," Kill said. "We've done a nice job, so far, but those are the key words - so far."

Were you an NIU fan in 2004?
Did you watch Michael Turner kill the Packers today and have memories of when he played at NIU?
Are you 'amazed' by the rankings or is this where the Huskies should be?
Should I apply to the open vacancy of NIU historian?