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It's PJ... nevermind. Say hello to Dave Doeren

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Consider this coaching search finale a badly kept secret.

First came the Tom Dienhart tweet about Fleck being interviewed.

Then it was the DMs I received about Prez Peters meeting with the new coach in Naperville.

Then came the Lindsey Willhite tweet about NIU announcing a new coach at 2 PM today.

Then Willhite goes:


The only hire that would 'get people pumped' would be P.J. Fleck.

The timing is just too perfect.  Or it's just an enormous smoke screen for the true candidate.  I'm going to go with the former on this one.  If I'm right, I'm right.  If I'm wrong, I'd first be extremely thrown off guard and then I'd be wrong.  Again, I'd like the former.  As in former star wide receiver PJ Fleck is going to be the new NIU Huskies head coach by the end of the day.

Then the negotiation began.



Dum dum duuuum.  /dramaticmusic