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In the end, Doeren was the perfect pick for Northern Illinois

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Photo courtesy of Jerry Burnes of the Northern Star
Photo courtesy of Jerry Burnes of the Northern Star

In terms of pure resumes, Dave Doeren was right up there with anybody linked to the NIU job.  From what I've heard, the finalists were Doeren, Marvin Sanders of Nebraska and our old friend P.J. Fleck.  I know that Chuck Martin was probably the most qualified, but he's probably going to continue his Notre Dame gig and look for a much bigger opening in the near future under Brian Kelly.

It's very hard to find the downside of this hire.  He may not have head coaching experience, but what impresses me the most about his resume is that he held multiple jobs at the same time.  He wasn't just a position coach, he also was a recruiting coordinator for Kansas when they were good and Wisconsin his first two years before moving up to DC.  Recruiting is such a big part of the job and he can still coach these players up.  He's only 39 years old, which is still extremely young when it comes to head coaches in FBS football.  Kill was in the latter part of his forties when he came on board to Dekalb.

What I like most about Doeren is his integrity.  He's going to stay on with Wisconsin until the end of the Rose Bowl for two reasons: To finish what he started and to market Northern Illinois to recruits and the public on national television.

The team didn't need another distraction and the whole entire administration handled things properly.  HuskieWire credits Compher with handling the process tastefully:

"It was primary to me because the student-athletes, who they stand for and who they are, my relationship with them, is extremely important," Compher said. "I feel like I owed that to them because I told them that. I was not going to let this get out before I told them."

I've already said enough about Kill, but the combination of Compher and Doeren handling things with utmost integrity has really turned myself and a lot of fans back on to the program at a time of crisis.  The Fresno Bulldogs are right around the corner.