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Doeren staff hires come trickling in

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Holy moly look at some of these guys the new head man is bringing in:

Northern Illinois: Our sources tell us that Dave Doeren has hired UT-Martin special teams coordinator / defensive line coach Ryan Nielson as the Huskies' new defensive line coach.


Ryan Nielsen

UT-Martin Bio

Rivals Profile

Coaching Experience

2010: DL/ST, UT-Martin

2008-09: DC/DL/LBs, Central Connecticut State

2005-07: DL, Ole Miss

2004: Administrative Assistant, Idaho

2002: DL Volunteer Assistant, USC

Playing Experience

2004: DL, Los Angeles Avengers (AFL)

2002: DL, Philadelphia Eagles

1997-02: DL, USC

Those are some impressive connections.  Doeren knows him from his time at USC from 1998-1999.  He spent one season under Pete Carroll and that was his second in 2002 when he won his first Pac-10 championship at the school.

The biggest point of interest is his time at Ole Miss from 2005-07.  He was under Ed Orgeron who was Nielsen's position coach almost his entire career.  For those of you who follow recruiting nationally, you know that Orgeron is one of the best recruiters in the nation.  He wasn't a very good head coach, but if you look at Nielsen's rivals profile you'll see that he has a very good pipeline to California recruiting.  That type of pipeline has helped teams like Boise State and Utah become national powers.  Welcome aboard Ryan!

Read about the other hire so far after the jump.

I believe the first 'official' hiring released by the NIU media is new Director of Sports Performance Brad Ohrt



Brad Ohrt

NIU Press Release

Coaching Experience: 15 years

Coaching Experience

2008-10: Strength Coach, Western Carolina

2007: Strength Staff, Miami Dolphins

2005-07: Strength Coach, Western Kentucky

2002-05: Strength Coach, Louisiana-Lafayette

2001-02: Strength Coach Staff, Western Carolina

1998-01: Assistant Strength Coach, USC

1997-98: Strength Coach, Wingate College

1997: GA Strength Coach, Kansas

Playing Experience

1994-96: All-American OL, Appalachian State

This is another guy Doeren knew from his time at USC from 1998-99.  He was strength coach under Peter Carroll's staff in 2001.  How to judge this type of hire is impossible to me, but this doesn't look to be a bad hire at all with the amount of experience that he has.