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NIU 21, Miami 26: The Day After

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So that just happened.  We lost the MAC Championship in the same fashion as we did in 2005: a late defensive breakdown.  I feel bad for all the Huskie fans that made the trip all the way up to Detroit.  Excellent job supporting your team, but NIU was supposed to gain fans from this win and not get their heart ripped out of their sternum for the second trip to the cursed Ford Field.  Kill suffered from the 'Novak close game syndrome', which I thought we had squashed with the win over Western Michigan.

I'll have to re-watch the game, but sometimes the ball just doesn't bounce (or get tipped up by Tyrone Clark into the opponents hands) your way.  To me, this wasn't a MAC Championship-calibur team.  We all wanted it to be, but this is probably a year away.  The team came out flat (overconfident?), plain and simple.  There was no rhythm.  We were out-coached in several situations.  Players weren't playing their assignments, including that ridiculous open path for Armand Robinson to prance into the endzone.  Nathan Palmer dropped the only pass of the game, which just so happened was going to be for a touchdown.  Poor guy.  At least he's only a junior. 

You really have to feel for the seniors, but again the season isn't over. We still have 10 wins and an extra game to play.  Not bad at all.  All the credit in the world goes to Mike Haywood, who's coaching performance this entire season was one of the best in the country.

There are a million things that the Huskies could have done better in this game, but what are you going to do?  Unlike 2005, we still have a bowl game to look forward to and get some redemption over some poor opponent.  We really need these practices to show what this team is made of and to get ready for next year.

If you have any sort of constructive comments, thoughts, feeling or controlled rage about this game, please leave them down below.