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An open letter to an ex-lover

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Dear Jenny,

It appears we've reached a crossroads in our relationship.  It seems like just yesterday you introduced yourself to me at yoga class and we became close right away.  I thought this was going to last for a long time and I could tell by something in your eye that you did too.

Things started out pretty well.  I had a lot of scars from previous relationships, but somehow you helped me recover and move forward with my life.  Remember when we first started dating?  Things started out kind of slow and you were a little cold, but lately I haven't been having this much fun in a long time.

It was so cute when we first started going steady.  I was upset when you thought Ke$ha was a better musical artist than Katy Perry.  I knew and your friends knew that Katy Perry was the much better overall artist, but you kept listening to TiK ToK.  Eventually you stopped, but I still don't understand what turned you on to her in the first place.  Then it happened again with Kings of Leon, but right away you started listening to better music.

It's been a long time since I've felt this way.  I thought that we had something good, something special.  I hadn't felt that same exact way in what seems like thirty years.  I know that you're such a conservative, reserved person, but I was really glad that you were opening up to me and the rest of the world.  It was about time!

I noticed that you've been distracted lately and now I know why.  I was going to take you to meet my parents this past weekend, but that never happened.  I found out you were talking to Joel behind my back.  I had the weekend all set up at my winter cabin up north. 

You see Jenny, I was going to propose that weekend.  You could have told me straight up what was going on, but you had to go behind my back.  I found out from a close friend of mine that had seen you out around town.

We had something organic going on, something pure.  Now I see that you were just looking for the glitz and glamor and your time in the limelight.  On the outside, Joel might seem like the better option but just wait.  I know the guy, he's been around.

I'm happy for you, I truly am.  I think that this will work out to be the best for both sides.  Sometimes I just felt handcuffed and now I realize that's what you wanted all along.

It's not like this relationship was all for naught.  I'm going to come out stronger after all of this.  I'm going to find somebody more compatible, somebody who's in it for the long run.  Somebody who's not into materialistic things.

Thank you Jenny for all of our time together, but now it's all over.  You left a perfectly honest situation for one that will be constantly scrutinized by everybody.  I can't blame you though, it's your decision.

Love forever always,