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Head Coaching Candidates for Northern Illinois: Rough Draft

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Here's just a bunch of names. Don't worry we can filter through them later.

Hiring from within

Tom Matukewicz, LBs

Tracy Claeys, DC

Not a fan of the current staff. Moving on...

NIU Ties

P.J. Fleck, Rutgers WRs

Thomas Hammock, Minnesota Co-OC/RBs

Sam Pittman, North Carolina OL

Matt Canada, Indiana OC/QBs (now unemployed)

Pat Narduzzi, Michigan State DC

Dan Roushar, Michigan State OL

George McDonald, Cleveland Brown WRs

Chris Beatty, West Virginia RBs

Bill Bleil, Iowa State Asst HC/OL

Here's a list of what all these guys did when they were at Northern.

Other Possibilities

Chuck Martin, Notre Dame DBs/Recruiting Co. (finalist the last time we were hiring, I believe)

Marvin Sanders, Nebraska DBs

Dave Doeren, Wisconsin DC/LBs

Ron Vanderlinden, Penn State LBs

Don Treadwell, Michigan State OC

Mark Farley, UNI HC

Craig Bohl, NDSU HC

Not Interested

Scott Shafer, Syracuse DC

Anybody else? We'll go more in depth on these guys in a little bit. Right now, who do you like?