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Forecasting the inevitable Spring roster shakeup

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With the amount of scholarships that we have available wavering each and every day, the only thing for certain is the fact that some players are definitely going to leave the team to make room for some young blood.  The majority of these guys are 4th year juniors who redshirted their freshman year but seldom saw the field after that.  And likely will just finish up their 5th years focusing on school or moving on.

Any day now the Spring roster will be released and we can grade how accurate this assessment was.  Or how much of an idiot I am.

Scholarship Players

RB Me'co Brown

Evidence File: What is worse: getting kicked off the team or spending eternity in Kill's doghouse?

FB Mike Lepper

Evidence File: Only saw action on special teams in 2007.  Hasn't played a down since.

TE Bryan Beckner

Evidence File: Played in 7 games (1 start) and caught 4 passes for 64 yds this past season.  Played on special teams in 2008.  In 2007, he played in 10 games (7 starts) but only finished with 1 catch for 9 yds.

WR Tyler Clasey

Evidence File: Has played on special teams exclusively the past 3 years.

OL Panan Tense

Evidence File: The former 3-star recruit's start in the International Bowl was only the 2nd of his career as he filled in for RT Adam Kiel.  The "utility" offensive lineman was the backup for sophomores RG Joe Pawlak & Kiel throughout the year.  Underwhelming performance against USF.

NG Mike Krause

Evidence File: Developed a heart condition a month before the season started.  May not want to risk coming back.

DL Kyle Jenkins

Evidence File: A JUCO tranfer from Harper that had a season-ending knee injury in mid-August.  Sounds like his injury was pretty serious and it's hard to come back from that especially if you're already an upperclassman.


Don't know if these guys received scholarships, but you likely won't see their names on the upcoming roster.

LB Nick Kamenjarin

Evidence File: Hasn't seen a down in 4 years.

DB Tyler Knight

Evidence File: Played 6 games in 2008 and only 2 games this past season.

DB John Kremer

Evidence File: Played in all 13 games on special teams.  Had 6 tackles (5 solo), but I only remember his punt return turnover vs. EMU and a dumb holding or block in the back call earlier in the year when Tommy Davis had a huge runback.