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Player Names on the back of jerseys: What say you?

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I can write about this or something the basketball team (GASP).  By the way, where did our new basketball writer go?

Anyways, the new Kansas head coach Turner Gill is removing the player names from the back of jerseys heading in to his first season at the helm of the Jayhawks.

His reasoning:

"The reasoning behind not having the individual’s names is to support what we are expecting from our team and program," coach Turner Gill said. "Our program is about team. We are representing the University of Kansas. You will see that name on the front of our jerseys."

I've heard many different sides of this argument.  The casual fan may have a tough time recognizing who is on the field at any given time.  This leads to embarrassing predicaments like yelling "NICHOLSON YOU SUCK" when clearly Ryan Morris was behind center.

Just go up to some chick tailgating (casualest of all casual fans) and ask them to name a player on the team.  They'll probably tell you about the media darling Chandler Harnish.  If you ask a 5th or 6th year senior, they will probably think Garrett Wolfe is still on the team.  70-yr old alums: "Is that George Bork out there?"

But what about the unsung defensive guys or the offensive line?  Shouldn't we know their names too?  I think people knew about Larry English the past couple years, but that's about it.

It's called a program and I suggest you pick one up and study it more than you biology homework.  It'll do more for you in the future*

I'm all for team unity and the old school look, so no names for me.  What say you Huskie nation?

*If you want to impress people with your Huskie fandom, not if you want to graduate


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