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New (Huge) Preferred Walk-on

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Courtesy of the Daily Herald

He did see 6-foot-7 Ryan Brown, headed to Northern Illinois as a preferred football walk-on, display nice first-quarter touch around the net for 6 of his 14 points, and center Kyle Nelson scored half his 10 points in that opening quarter.

OT Ryan Brown | St. Charles North HS (St. Charles, IL)

6'7" 260 lbs

Rivals Profile: 2-stars, 5.4

Recruited by: Matt Limegrover

Notes: Older brother Patrick Brown played at UCF and signed on as a free agent with the Carolina Panthers/Patriots/Vikings last year.  Seems to be a project, but a 6'7" frame leaves you a lot of leeway to build a player.  Just the fact that he's a basketball player tells you something.  Exactly the type of athletic lineman that Coach Kill is looking for on this football team.

Don't forget that Joe Pawlak was a former walk-on that became a full-time starter at Right Guard this past season.  Can't wait to see this guy in a year or two after hitting the weight room.