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The Daily Diesel makes a triumphant return

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It's football off-season, which sucks.  Good thing Diesel is here to deliver the news.  Spring practice starts March 23rd.  That's not for a while, so let's just go with what we got.  What's that?  The basketball team finally won a game???  Watch out MAC, here we come again. about that International Bowl trophy back?  First South Florida loses their Coach Jim Leavitt due to "Coaches Gone Wild" charges allegedly slapping a player at halftime.  Now, they are kicking off running back Mike Ford because of "an unspecified violation of team rules"  There's a lot of leeway over what that might mean, but let's just say Ford is a bit of an all-star when it comes to team rules violations:

Ford has been suspended twice before, for one game in 2007 for missing classes and for the first two games of 2009 for a violation of team rules. He has also been arrested twice on driving-related infractions, turning himself in to Sarasota police in 2007 after missing a court date for driving without a valid license and registration, then getting arrested on campus in December for driving a moped on campus without a valid license.

What is David Bryant looking at in this photo?

Why couldn't have this happened BEFORE January 2nd, 2010?  The International Bowl MVP had 207 yds and a TD against the Huskies, who couldn't stop him in the 2nd half.

In 2010, the Huskies will be more loaded than Zack Isaacman's gun stash...too soon?  Another day, another poor article by CFN.  Today's blasphemy:

While there aren’t many losses, they’ll hurt a bit.  End Brandon Bice was the team’s best defensive player at times and finished earning first-team All-MAC honors.

Jake Coffman was arguably the teams best defensive player on the Huskies and he's gone along with Brandon Bice.  Both were 2nd team All-MAC, so I don't know what this site is smoking.  Plus they have Coffman returning.  Moving on...

Nine starters return on offense, including the backfield tandem of Chad Spann and Me’co Brown, along with QB Chandler Harnish, while nine starters are back on defense. Basically, the team is loaded. Absolutely loaded.

Actually we lose 8 starters on offense if you include Reed Cunningham.  He didn't have 8 starts last year including the International Bowl or anything.  Nah, they must be thinking of somebody else.  They also have RB Bryan Schroeder returning to Central Michigan, which is not happening.

Lindsay Willhite knows more about obscure NIU basketball recruits than you do.  If there's one mainstream writer that knows about MAC basketball, it's Willhite who writes the preseason prospectus for the conference in the Blue Ribbon preview mag.  He points out a bit of hypocrisy surrounding coach Patton's comments in a recent HuskieWire article:

"There are no quick fixes. There are no easy solutions when you’re trying to do things the right way. We didn’t come in with with a quick agenda to go out and sign a ton of junior college players and run the risk of those guys not graduating. So we’re trying to do it the right way with young guys and have them grow and develop."

How "Novakish" (Novakian?) of you Mr. Patton, just too bad it's not true.

Fortunately, I keep a spreadsheet that tracks every local college's scholarships and commitments. Patton was hired in March 2007.


Prior to his first season, he brought in four scholarship players.

  • One was a junior-college player with 2 years remaining (Sean Smith).
  • One was a juco with 3 years remaining (Najul Ervin).
  • Prior to Patton's second season, he signed two jucos who didn't pass academic muster and went elsewhere (Dominique Johnson and Jerwin Callaway). He also signed four freshmen and brought in Xavier Silas as a Colorado transfer.
  • Oh, and when neither Johnson nor Callaway made it in school, he signed juco big man Ante Dzepina.
  • Prior to the current season, Patton received a commitment from juco big man DeAngelo Riley, but he wound up at Ole Miss.

So for Patton to suggest he didn't try to mine the juco ranks is a little, um, incorrect. Just sayin'.

Now that's some hardcore blogging by the Daily Herald's Willhite.  Hat tip to you sir.

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