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Rumor Mill: Me'co Brown kicked off of the Huskies?

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Will Me'co get snagged from behind?  Only time will tell.  (via Mike Greene)
Will Me'co get snagged from behind? Only time will tell. (via Mike Greene)

Sources have told me that when the Spring roster comes out next week, sophomore running back Me'co Brown will not be listed, and has been kicked off the team by NIU head coach Jerry Kill.

Brown was in Kill's doghouse at the end of the 2009 season. He did not travel with the team to Toronto for the International Bowl against South Florida. The original reports were that he had some 'family issues' to deal with in Mississippi. He wouldn't have played anyways due to injuries.

We have reason to believe there were some more serious issues that Me'co had to deal with regarding himself and his status on the team.

Brown's dismissal has not been made official and it is believed to be related to the running back's academics and/or a violation of player conduct policy. There is no word yet, if Brown is kicked off, that he will have a second chance to rejoin the team if his grades improve; or if this will be a final decision by Kill.

No evidence supporting other undisclosed rumors has been found, so the assumption now is that this is a purely academic issue and any other issues have been or will be handled on a strictly internal basis by the NIU coaching staff and Brown.

NIU gave away 23 scholarships on Wednesday, Feb. 3 during National Signing Day, a bigger class than was expected. The departing class was around 15 seniors on scholarship, along with Jake Coffman. Brown's reported departure would be No. 17.

This may also explain the addition of incoming Junior RB Jasmin Hopkins, who was named player of the year last year in the JUCO ranks.

Assuming that all 17 departures were on scholarship, that would leave six more scholarships given away this season unaccounted for. NIU is allowed 85 per NCAA regulations. I'm assuming all 85 were used last season. So are more Huskies from 2009 on their way out?

If so, fans can only hope none of them top the potential loss of the future starter Brown.