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Top 10 Quotes from the HuskieWire signing day chat

If you haven't checked out John Sahly's chat with the fans on signing , make sure to check it out here. Also make sure to listen to his podcast wrapup with Jon Styf as well.

Lot's of hard hitting analysis by John and he even responded to the crazies as well. Let's review the top ten Q&As of the chat:

[Comment From gohuskies]

I hear Toledo is getting the honor of best MAC recruiting class. Any truth to this? and how does NIU match up?

That kind of stuff always makes me laugh. Nobody knows! Toledo could, they've got a lot of great athletes. But how the coaches develop those kids, who qualifies academically matters more than rankings. Larry English was a 2-star, remember?
Tackling a tough question with a quick, straight forward answer.  More people should take this approach rather than be so serious about what Lane Kiffin is up to.  Great start to the chat.

[Comment From SweepTheLeg] 

There were some rumblings that Gorgio Bowers changed his mind and went to Akron because of our JC RB Jasmin Hopkins. Any truth to that?

I'll paraphrase Jerry Kill here: "He didn't get away." That's all Kill would say about it. He believes NIU signed the best running back possible in Hopkins.

What an eloquent zinger by Coach Kill on that topic.  This was probably the most interesting statement about the actual class of the chat.  But keep reading, it gets better:

[Comment From NIUFan1]

Why is NIU football so awesome, and how do I get even more obsessed??

well for all the NIU news you need, I'd suggest visiting every single day.

Nice to see that there are other fans out there that bleed cardinal and black as much as we do.  Did NIUFan1 even have to ask the first question though?

[Comment From huskiefan!] 

i know at some colleges alumni donate cars and what not .. do u know of anyone at niu doing that for the incoming players?

That would be illegal.

Champbana boosters want Zook gone so bad, that they stopped paying Illini recruits off.  Just look at how low their signing class ranks.

[Comment From Domo] 

Let's break the monotony, John. What is your favourite colour in the whole wide world?

Love it Domo. Blue.

Closet Toledo fan or Go Big Blue?  No way.  Fashion statement?  More likely.

[Comment From Charlie] 

Will Justin Anderson see any more carries this year? know he did rush for 1200 yards as a So....Oh wait...nevermind.

haha nice Charlie


[Comment From john] 

do u know if the kid from alabama committed/

Alabama has a lot of kids

[Comment From johnjohn: ] 

think his name is Jay?

hmm, going to have to be more specific. Haven't heard anything about a Jay from Alabama.

Yeah, that one guy Jay from Alabama.  I heard he's the first 6-star Rivals has ever ranked.  Jay Cutler's little brother?

[Comment From Dogs-eat-Indians] 

I know dogs eat zips, cardinals, falcons, bulls, chippewas, eagles, golden flashes, redhawks, bobcats, owls, rockets, and broncos....but what else do they eat?

banana slugs

Alas, the NIU baseball team plays Cal State Bakersfield, Cal Poly and UC Santa Barbara.  No UC Santa Cruz Banana Slugs this year though.

[Comment From Charlie] 

We can't have one of these chats without asking when/if Demarcus Grady makes a shit to the slot? Do you think Grady moves this year if the JC QB is any good?

I certainly think it is possible but from all accounts Grady wants to play QB

and I think you meant shift to the slot Charlie, whoops!

I enjoyed way the question was worded originally, quite frankly.  Yet another vintage question.

[Comment From Erik] 

What's your favorite beer?

Smithwick's or Boulevard Wheat

Always great to end a chat talking about the finer things in life.  I don't think I've ever had these (blasphemy?), but I'll have to pick them up now that Mr. Sahly recommended them.

What was your favorite part of the chat?