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Healing Huskies

D.J. Pirkle - 6'0" 283 lbs of stud (via <a href=""></a>)
D.J. Pirkle - 6'0" 283 lbs of stud (via

A decent array of players are banged up for this spring, but for the most part it's no big deal.  That is, of course ignoring the QB situation at the moment.

Both RB Chad Spann and DT D.J. Pirkle will both probably not be involved any contact drills this entire spring due to injuries they sustained during the season.

Jerry Kill: Both of them needed surgery. Chad played with a bum shoulder a whole month of the season and had surgery right after. D.J. got hurt early in the season. Both had labrum tears. Their surgeries all went well.

If you don't know what the heck a labrum tear is, check out this excellent writeup by Conquest Chronicles on the subject.  Both will be seniors and  have been playing ever since they were true freshman, so their main objective will be just tutoring the younger guys out there.

I think this just adds to the legend of D.J. Pirkle.  Played the entire season with a bum shoulder?  WOW.  I thought he disappeared for a while there and now we know why.  Due to the depleted defensive line this past season, we needed his presence so much out there and he delivered.

(Fullback) Connor Flahive (knee injury), he'll practice, but he'll be limited. I don't know how much contact I'll give him. That's more of a precautionary thing right now.

Again, doesn't sound like that serious of an injury.  Flahive's another senior and the fullback depth chart is a bit top heavy.  Would be nice to know who can step up behind him.

Adam Kiel is supposed to go see the doctor Tuesday. He'll miss the first three practices. We're hoping we'll get at least a half of a spring out of him. We'll be more careful than not.

Adam Kiel needs spring ball, though. He had a [heck] of a season going on and then got hurt.

Kiel is somebody we need back healthy to solidify the offensive line.  Sounds like he'll at least to get to see a little time.  We'll try and take a look at the offensive line in more detail this spring.

Kiel spent time pushing a massive wooden sled while he rehabs an injured foot.

No word on whether the sled was shaped like a giant trojan horse.

Mike Krause   Kyle Jenkins

Remember us?

In terms of coming back from injuries, the return of Mike Krause was significant because we hadn't seen him on the field ever since he developed his heart ailment last August.  Another player that didn't play this past season is switching positions:

The other change is defensive lineman Kyle Jenkins has moved to the offensive line. He lined up today at left guard with the No. 2 offense. Jenkins also missed the 2009 season with a knee injury.

"Kyle's a guy we'll keep on the offensive and we'll teach him and he's going to learn," Kill said. "We'll throw him in there and it's going to be difficult, but he'll do well. He's athletic and we need to have an athletic offensive lineman. "

It's always nice to have extra depth on the offensive line and Jenkins is welcome addition.  You never know how much the ACL injury really affected his speed.  He was going to move to defensive tackle from end last year, so this should be a natural fit.