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The expectations of DeMarcus Grady

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You've seen what he can do, but has he reached his ceiling yet behind center? With so much uncertainty at the QB position, where does Grady make an impact this year?

His career stats: 40 of 69 passing for 418 yds with a 5-2 TD to INT ratio. Also 98 rushes for 518 yds and 4 TDs.

Grady is actually 5-0 as a starter (wins over Miami in 2008 and Miami, Akron, EMU and Ball State in 2009). He saw his first significant playing time when Dan Nicholson went down against Tennessee in Knoxville.

Other facts about Grady: He can already see a MAC title, would have had a perfect bracket had he filled one out and has an affinity for toster strudels