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The Daily Diesel's April Fools jokes have dried up

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Was gonna go with something about our basketball team, but its too sad of a state to make fun of.  Was going to go with football players leaving the team, but said players actually did leave.  Plus I did that last year.  I know its a little last second, but anybody have any ideas without beating a dead horse?  By the way, LSU photoshoppers > NIU photoshoppers

COLEMAN SMASH.  When did Jason Schepler become an upperclassmen?  I thought he was still just a walk-on freshman out of Sycamore.  Anyways, he offers some advice on Adam Coleman's move from D-Line to TE:

He's from the D-line so he just wants to smash people. That's what I wanted to do my freshman year."

"At defensive tackle, you can get intense, but on offense you have to be composed and get under control," he said. "You can't just go out and try and smash somebody.

Can we just hand the starting QB position over to this guy already:

• Wide receiver Perez Ashford had the catch of the day, leaping high to snag a Tommy Coughlin pass over the middle.

Obviously, Coughlin's pass was at the perfect spot for Ashford to catch that ball.  Quarterbacks do all the hard work, receivers are just there to look pretty.  Or is it the other way around?  The legend grows...Coughlin for QB 2010.

Spring practice means hyping up backup linebackers when said players won't make it past special teams

• Middle linebacker Victor Jacques made a one-handed strip of running back Jasmin Hopkins and Jacques recovered the ball with the same hand.

This is physically impossible.  I think you just like saying JACQUES in a french accent for fun when you type this, laughing maniacally.

Toledo's a bunch of cheaters, but I think we'll be fine now that Barry Church has graduated.  The phantom inside blocking on kicks is finally being corrected:

"On PATs and field goals it seems like there was a lot of pressure coming up the middle," he said. "So we adjusted some things on PAT/field goal. We try to figure out what those problems are and work on them in the spring and be prepared in the fall."

-NIU had better basketball attendance this past year than both Miami & EMU.  Who wudda thunk.


Winning the MAC West and feeling great about it - sound familiar?  CMU basketball Coach Ernie Ziegler is in negotiations that may net him a 4-year deal worth 200K a year.  Totally unbased rumor: some Chip fans are factoring in his son Trey Ziegler who is one of the highest ranked recruits in the nation.  Good luck next year with the graduation of wondertwins Jordan Bitzer and Robbie Harmon.

-Speaking of CMU, Kyle Warber asks 'Should their football team really jump in a Hot Tub Time Machine and become a running team again?

-Akron loses two players in RB DeVoe Torrence and QB Jared Wackerly.  This is Akron we're talking about, so no surprise here.

-The MAC's APR scores suck, but NIU is well above average...teams in trouble include Temple, Buffalo, Akron (see above) and BGSU.  And Minnesota.  We've at least got the developing champions in the classroom part down.


-The Rivalry Esq. is previewing Illinois this week: A quick guide to the springWhy Zook is the problem, and the Illini are good at something?

Lady Huskie track will be participating in the Texas Relays this weekend and I live in Austin so I should probably go...Western Illinois has a kickass spring football blog...the Toledo Blue Crew creeps me out... and finally Josh Cribbs sure knows how to spend his wife's birthday