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Knee Stocks: Harnish up, Sobol down (for the season?)

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It's official, Chandler "Wolverine" Harnish's knee is made out of adamantium steel.  He was back in pads (YES PADS!!!) on Thursday and played in the scrimmage on Saturday.

Seriously dude?  You need to stop messing with us.  It's not like he was just throwing while sitting down.  #12 was sprinting around and doing crazy things like ROLLOUTS.  Sure, why the hell not.

Aside from the mutant healing powers, Harnish's injury also has invisibility cloak:

"I really can't explain it to you," NIU coach Jerry Kill said. "I've got to be honest with you and you're going 'Yeah, sure.'  It has to do with a knee and I don't want to say (exactly) because I just don't know."

"But I don't know how to really respond," Kill said. "It's not really an ACL. It's not an MCL. It's not a meniscus. It's a deal where I think it's got some uniqueness to it. He's gone to a couple different doctors, maybe even three. They've diagnosed it with what they think and what he should do. But then all of a sudden in the weight room he's working, lifting and running."

His final rehabilitation test?  A healthy game of "Smear the Queer Quarterback"

"I don't know," Kill said. "We may have to take those kids and hit him in a scrimmage before it's all over with to see how it holds up. I just don't know and I'll listen to what the doctors say."

On the other side of the ball, sources have confirmed that safety Mike Sobol suffered a torn left ACL about two weeks ago during the 4th spring practice on Tues, March 30th.

This is especially unfortunate for the senior leader.  Sobol was known for his reckless style of play and jarring hits on defenders.  In 2008 he made 12 starts and ranked 2nd on the team with 67 tackles.  He filled in nicely this past year when David Bryant went down at FS, starting 8 games and finishing 6th on the team with 53 tackles.

Sobol is no stranger to injuries, having suffered a concussion against Ohio this past season and was one of the 2007 injury plague victims, sitting out his redshirt freshman season because of an ACL injury to his other knee.

He is set to have surgery on April 21st and Huskie Nation wishes him a full recovery.  ACL injuries usually take 6-9 months to recover, so we're looking at maybe some time in a bowl game.

Set to replace Sobol would be Jody Van Laanen, who had knee surgery of his own before last season.  You can pick and choose one of the newcomers to fill the spot left open: spring enrollee Demetrius Stone, Dechane Durante, Jimmie Ward....Tracy Wilson's fully entrenched on the strong side, so it's going to be open tryouts for everybody else going well into the summer.