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The Daily Diesel can't sneak into any more bowl games

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F*** THE NCAA COMING STRAIGHT FROM THE UNDERGROUND.  This news comes a huge blow to the groin of NIU football.  You know that rule that put teams with winning records into bowl games before the 6-6 teams from BCS conferences?  Yeah, well that rule is no more according to the NCAA.  As you may remember, in 2003 Northern Illinois was 10-2 and didn't get invited to a bowl game.  That season was one of the main cogs in getting this rule made in the first place.  Now you're just going to take away all that hard work for mid-major teams trying to break through and match the big boys?  Seriously, this is just a fearful response to the Boise States & TCUs of the world gaining too much power.  The NCAA wants the money to stay in the money conferences and this is just bull move they pulled out of their arses to keep the mid-major down.

That's been NIU's staple the past few years: using at-large bids to their advantage and sneaking into bowl games. Silicon Valley Bowl, Poinsettia Bowl, Independence Bowl, you name it.  Now there are three bowls and three bowls only for NIU to go to: GMAC, Motor City Pizza Pizza or International Humanitarian.  All with the outside chance at going undefeated and blowing up BCS-style.  Alan from OTP has a great take on the situation as well and what it means to the "little man"

Ah, touche.  If you take last year's winning percentages for all of the teams that NIU plays this year, our 2010 schedule ranks 116th strongest in the nation.

Where NIU basketball has the same problems as Depaul, but not quite.   The president of the CPL explains why exactly the Chicago kids aren't staying in Chicago:

"Most of the best players in the city don't go to DePaul, not because they didn't have a black coach or because they played at Allstate Arena, but because they want to get out of Chicago," said Von Steuben coach Vince Carter, president of the Chicago Public League Basketball Coaches Association.

"They are tired of seeing their friends get shot, tired of dodging bullets. They want to get away. Derrick Rose and Sherron Collins got away. Wayne Blackshear already has committed to Louisville, Tracy Abrams to Illinois. Other top players are considering schools outside Chicago. This is a problem that Purnell has to deal with."

At one time, DePaul stopped actively recruiting in Chicago. But Ray Meyer, Joey Meyer and Pat Kennedy proved they could keep the best city players at home. At one time, DePaul had an on-campus facility that provided a fan-friendly atmosphere. But it is argued if the program was a winner, people would fill the seats at Allstate Arena, as they once did.

"What DePaul needs is another Aguirre, a pied piper, someone who has the charisma to attract other kids, as Bruce Weber is doing at Illinois,"

Is Ricardo Patton a "pied piper" with the charisma to lure kids out of the Chicago area?  Not even close.  NIU is slipping closer and closer to being "Chicago West" with some of the stuff that has been happening on campus lately.  It could be just the proximity to the city, but standards have to be risen sometime.

As if basketball news couldn't get any worse for the Huskies.  Super-Recruit Trey Zeigler commits to Central Michigan to play for his father Ernie Zeigler, who just got a new contract.  Kyle Warber points out that this is no guarantee that CMU will be amazing next year, but it sure does help a bit.

Around the MAC/Big 11/12

Projected starting Buffalo linebacker Scott Pettigrew suffered an ACL injury and is likely out for the season.

Minnesota returns only two starters on defense for 2010.  One of those starters in safety Kim Royston broke his freaking leg this spring.

Speaking of Minnesota, did you read Rivalry Esq's entire week of articles on the goophers???  Spring GuideAchilles Heel / TCF Bank Stadium's impact / QB Adam Weber Profile / Keeping the enemy close

Quick Hitz

Frank the Tank is tearing up track record books...the torch at center has been passed to Scott Wedige...The Citadel adds Denny Doornbos to their defensive coaching staff (SCHEDULE THEM NOW!)....Huskie Hardballers lose to Northwestern at Road Ranger, but hey at least they got a 2015 class commitment this week.... Temple will take your top I-AA players thank you very much... Frank Solich is a Ron Zook supporter (who knew!)... Akron is having trouble adjusting to their new pro-style offense... WMU's scrimmage was "meh" for both sides of the ball and finally Toledo says HAHAHAH WTF to NIU's ticket marketing campaign