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Rounding up Spring Games around the MAC

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It's somebody not named LeFevour throwing the ball for CMU...PANIC!!! (via <a href=""></a>)
It's somebody not named LeFevour throwing the ball for CMU...PANIC!!! (via

With one week to go until NIU and the majority of other schools finish up their spring practice, we'll take a look at the teams who had their finales this past weekend:

Akron's D finds its feet winning 53-38 over the offense

First of all, Mike Rasor gives some insight to these ridiculous spring game scores:

The point system for this offense-versus-defense game is odd. For example, the defense gets three points when the offense misses a field goal. The offense gets two points for every "explosive play," defined as a 10-yard rush or 15-yard pass. Apparently, Syracuse uses a similar plan. Let's keep it real: At the end of the game, who really cares about the score?

Akron got to show off Ianello's brand new 4-3 defense, switched from the 3-3-5 they rocked under the previous regime.  The final stats for the defense: 3 fumble recoveries, 4 sacks and 7 TFLs.  WR Jeremy LaFrance had two deep TD scores of 38 and 41 yds to be named offensive MVP.  However, the new pro-style offense seems a  bit harder to install:

Aside from those two passes, Nicely did not look sharp. There were at least two fumbles on the snap under center. Nicely has taken shotgun snaps all his life. "I've never been under center," he said. "It sounds elementary, but it's really complex."

Ball State doesn't need no stinkin' Spring Game

We have nothing to talk about, so let's speculate about QB competition when Kelly Page is clearly going to be the starter all season...

Central Michigan's White maroons the Maroon squad 3-0

The defensive line had 6 sacks and completely dominated the spring game (VIDEO!).  The heir to LeFevour at QB Ryan Radcliffe went 25 of 41 passing for 229 yds and an INT.

In the sudden shock to the fact CMU actually looked bad on offense, Drew Ellis did backflips to explain that everything was going to be OK.  Here are the footnotes: 1. Not enough bodies on the O-Line (sounds like NIU) 2. This is an entire new offensive system 3. We don't have Dan LeFevour or Antonio Brown anymore.  Or Bryan Anderson...or Bryan Schroeder. 4. Back to the new system argument.  Warber is not an "Enos-head" yet either.

Temple's White shuts out Cherry 3-0 in a defensive showcase

Brandon McManus kicked a 51-yarder at the end of the 1st to score the only points in this game.  Stud RB Bernard Pierce had 88 yds off of 14 carries.

The biggest news happened before the game, as Temple's starting QB last year in Vaughn Charlton was switched to TE, seemingly leaving an open doorway for redshirt junior Chester Stewart.  Stewart completed 8 of 15 passes for 119 yds and 2 INTs.  This just goes to show you that It's not just NIU that is having offensive/quarterback troubles.  Bloggers pespective: TFF / TON

Turdledo Blue prods its way over the Gold 21-14

Austin Dantin (kind of) solidified his run to be the starting signal caller going 8 for 8 passing for 56 yds, along with 7 carries for 44 yds on the ground.  RB Adonis Thomas ran for 79 yds on 16 carries and 2 TDs, while fellow RB Morgan Williams led through the air with 48 yds on 4 catches.  Sophomore safety Diaunte Morrow had the dubious honor of taking over Barry Church's spot, but finished with 8 tackles and an INT to lead an improved defense.  Extra Coverage: IC #1 / IC #2

Western Michigan's offense goes nuclear over the defense 68-15

It may have been a modified scoring system, but the defense was terribly inconsistent in this game. "Outrageous" QB Alex Carder made his case for the starting spot going 14 of 18 passing for 147 yds and a TD.  The 2nd half of the game he was 8 for 8 including the TD pass to Juan "The Spanish Assassin" Nunez.  At RB, the Broncos like Aaron Winchester who had 9 carries for 54 yds and a TD to start, but freshman Brian Fields had the best day with 96 yds off 14 carries and a TD.