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NIU should just stop taking up Temple's space

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Some bulletin board material courtesy of the geniuses over at CFN:

10. MAC
Now that Central Michigan appears to be weakened and ready to take a step back, watch out for Temple to step in and fill the role as the class of the conference. Last year was a phenomenal breakthrough year under Al Golden, and this year’s team is far better. Northern Illinois will be terrific and Toledo will be explosive in the second season under the helm of Tim Beckham, and then roll the dice. The bottom teams of last year, Eastern Michigan, Miami, and Ball State, are all going to be far more competitive, and Western Michigan, Ohio, and Bowling Green will pick off some of the big boys, but this is Temple’s MAC and everyone else will be taking up space.
The Best Team Should Be … Temple

A lot of praise for a team that has only played in this conference for three years and lost to Villanova last season.

Apparently, Northern Illinois will be "terrific" and Temple has to visit Huskie Stadium on October 9th in potentially the biggest game of the conference season.  I wonder how that will end up.

By the way, who is Tim Beckham?  David Beckham's brother is now head coach of Toledo?